New Poll: Record Number Of Americans Support Legalization

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New Poll: Record Number Of Americans Support Legalization

According to a US wide poll by CBS News, support for marijuana legalization has never been higher amongst its viewers.

The recreational use of cannabis has been legal in Colorado for well over a year now, and their society has not collapsed like many anti-cannabis campaigners thought it would – in fact it is thriving. More states are following in their path, and the average American is now beginning to wonder whether marijuana could actually be a benefit.

This is reflected in a recent poll held by CBS News, which saw the highest positive result it has ever polled from its viewers. The nationwide vote returned a 53% majority in favour of the full legalization of cannabis, with 43% against it.

The voter breakdown is as you would probably expect. The majority of those in favour of legalization were young people, males, and Democrats (left wing political supporters). 74% of those who said they had tried marijuana at least once during their lives voted in favour, whilst only 35% of those who said they had never tried it did.

Not only this, but it seems more and more Americans are beginning to acknowledge the science behind marijuana, with 51% believing that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana. Only 12% thought marijuana was more harmful than alcohol, and 28% thought they were about the same.

More encouraging was the poll for medical marijuana, in which a whopping 84% of respondents thought medical marijuana should be able to be prescribed by doctors nationwide.

This may not be massive news for us here in Europe, but it is great to see the continuing trend of support in the US. As long as this continues for the next few years, Europe will also begin to think about change. America is the test subject, and once it has proven itself, others will follow.