Music Of The Inner Worlds: Shpongle
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Music Of The Inner Worlds: Shpongle

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Open your mind to the hypnotic soundscapes of Shpongle, one of the most known and far out groups of the psybient style.

Possibly one of the greatest psybient groups out there, Shpongle is back on the scene with their latest album and fresh batch of world tours. As you might know, Shpongle is more than just music to listen to; it takes you on an inner journey, through complex rhythms and ethereal soundscapes.

The fathers of psybient

Shpongle was formed as a UK based psychedelic music project back in 1996. The driving artists behind Shpongle is Simon Posford, who already made a name for himself with the earlier trance project „Hallucinogen“. Raja Ram, the founder of Tip world records and sometimes called the godfather of psychedelic trance, joined Shpongle early on and contributed markedly through the flutes lines that characterize Shpongle so much. Both are artists of the highest caliber, and mixing their talents has indeed resulted in a synergistic collaboration.

Shpongle live performances and tours (currently on tour), are well known for their energetic sets and amazing psychedelic stage visuals. Taking the live show onto the next level, the Shpongletron was designed: A custom built stage that cleverly integrates screens, projections and dancers to create the ultimate in psy-trance performances. The Shpongletron is currently in version 3.0 and always accompanying their performance.

Shpongle’s newest creation: Museum of Consciousness

After a long four years touring, the duo returned to release their latest album “Museum of Consciousness” last summer, much has changed – but not for the worse. It’s Shpongle through and through, however with a more modern spin. Those familiar with the evolution of Shpongle, and even the earlier Hallucinogen sounds, have criticized the album as being too clean, commercial or uninspired. While the production technique certainly has evolved with this release (the best produced one so far), it’s Shpongle all over. All the characteristic Shpongle elements are there, and yet it does miss some of the rough wildness and unexpectedness that was so refreshing in the previous albums. Even with some spice lacking, Museum of Consciousness is a very worthwhile album that will take you on a journey. The album seems more mature, particularly compared to the earlier recordings that are brimming with youthful energy.

Museum of Consciousness is a great example of how the duo are growing within their genre, also when it comes to production skills. Their latest album has much more finished and clean sound character than previous albums, making the entire album a very pleasant to listen to. One of the highlights of the album is certainly the opening track - Brain in a Fishtank - which immediately launches you into a mysterious psychedelic circus.

You can listen to their music for free through Soundcloud, but if you like the music please considering supporting the artists by buying their music. If you are looking for music to trip to, start right here with Shpongle.

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Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
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