Is It Okay To Mix Weed And Mushrooms?
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Is It Okay To Mix Weed And Magic Mushrooms?

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Combining weed and magic mushrooms is like watching two waves combine: the highs may become higher, the lows may become lower, or the whole thing might flatten out. To figure out how to mix this not-so-odd couple of the psychedelic world, we'll examine what happens when they join hands in the ballroom of the body.

In general, mixing drugs is a big no-no. Polydrug use can lead to bad trips, hospital visits, and even death. But what if the drugs you’re mixing contain no synthetic chemicals, and are in fact natural organisms?

Weed and shrooms, alone among popular drugs, bear the mantle of “all-natural”. One is the bud of a plant, and the other is, well, a mushroom. This begs the question: in this specific instance, is it safe to mix the two? And what happens if you do?

Understanding Cannabis

To understand what weed and shrooms are like together, we need to understand what they’re like apart. If you look online, it may be confusing to figure out what cannabis actually does: its effects have been variously described as energising, stimulating, relaxing, euphoric, and mellowing. This is because cannabis comes in hundreds of strains, all with varying effects. These strains tend to be grouped into two main categories: sativas, which are generally more energising, and indicas—generally more relaxing.

Regardless of strain, cannabis tends to make the user feel “different”: colours are brighter and music sounds more beautiful. Thoughts run along a strange train, which may be unusually funny, surprisingly insightful, or even disturbing. The user may feel a burst of energy and clarity, though the high will usually taper off into lethargy. The user may feel happier than usual, and perhaps more able to inhabit the moment without analysing it. Weed also tends to make users hungry, sleepy, and sensual.

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Understanding Magic Mushrooms


When on mushrooms, the user feels a kind of energy coursing through their body, like a pleasant fullness passing through the chest and muscles. The mind clears, yet makes strange connections that almost seem to come from outside—insoluble life problems may suddenly have obvious solutions. On mushrooms, most users find it impossible to lie, both to others and themselves. 

The celebrated visual effects of mushrooms will vary according to batch and dose. On mushrooms, patterns in the visual field connect into fully formed hallucinations: a broken tire becomes a coiled snake, a tree becomes a grinning wizard, and a grassy field will suddenly be overlaid with a sprawling, fractal pattern. That being said, the hallucinations aren’t delusions: the user will generally know they’re hallucinating.

When on mushrooms, users tend to lose their appetite and are unable to sleep. Click here for advice on how to prepare for a psychedelic trip.

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The Two Substances Are Similar In A Lot Of Ways


As you may have gathered from the above description, weed and mushrooms share several similarities. Both alter thought processes and perception in characteristic ways. They prompt creative insight, inspire joy and humour, and enhance the beauty of art and nature. They also have a dark side, opening the door to inner demons and deep-seated negative emotions.

Cannabis and mushrooms share similarities in other domains as well: while each substance contains one celebrated molecule that does most of the heavy lifting (THC and psilocybin, respectively), their full effects are actually the product of an entourage effect: various cannabinoids and terpenes produce the cannabis high; psilocin, baeocystin, and other compounds join forces to comprise the mushroom trip.

They’re also, of course, both natural organisms. Which leads us back to our original question: is it safe to combine them?

What Are The Results When You Combine The Two?

combining mushrooms and weed

When combining mushrooms and weed, the mushroom trip will tend to take centre stage, with the cannabis acting more as set decoration. Most users report that cannabis dulls the mushroom come-up, enhances the peak, and extends the come-down. We’ll go into more details on the positive and negative effects of this combo.

  • Positive Effects

combining mushrooms and weed: POSITIVE EFFECTS

Taking an energising, sativa-dominant cannabis strain during a mushroom trip can help nudge the experience in a positive direction. The combination of weed and mushrooms can steer the mind into greater weirdness and more surreal hallucination. If the trip is going in an unpleasant direction, cannabis can bring things back to a comfortable place, especially if the user regularly smokes cannabis.

One of the most popular ways to combine these two substances is to smoke weed toward the end of a mushroom trip. This is said to “bring back the magic”, pulling the lagging conclusion of a trip back to its former glory (or just about).

  • Negative Effects

Combining Mushrooms And Weed: Negative Effects

If the chemistry is right (or rather, all wrong), the user may find themselves all messed up and trapped with their demons. During a difficult trip, it can help to have your wits about you; the confusion of cannabis could transform an experience that was previously challenging but manageable into one of panicked chaos.

Further, there’s no guarantee that cannabis will make your good trip better; toking might dampen your moment of clarity and wonder, leaving you lethargic and frustrated at yourself for ruining it. It’s generally recommended to begin your mushroom trip cannabis-free, as the wonder and freedom of the come-up is hard to fully experience when also high on weed.

Should You Mix Cannabis And Magic Mushrooms?


The decision to mix is ultimately up to each individual. Users who do decide to mix are advised to start with low-THC, sativa-dominant strains, such as Stress Killer. For maximum DIY, consider growing your own weed and harvesting your own shrooms via a grow kit.

Weed and psilocybin can be a fantastic combination: when done right, the weed can pull up the weird and lagging parts of a shroom trip, providing a more beautiful and smooth experience. However, when the timing is off, or when the fates frown on the endeavour, combining the two can lead to the worst of both worlds: weed might dampen the best parts of the trip and add chaos to some dark moments. Ultimately, we recommend becoming familiar with each drug on its own before trying both together, and starting with low doses to test out how your body reacts. Happy tripping


Written by: Arielle Friedman
Arielle is based out of Toronto, Canada and loves topics relating to the brain. When not writing she enjoys making art, learning about bioremediation, and trying to prevent the robot apocalypse.

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