Looking For A Trippy Costume?

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Looking For A Trippy Costume?

If you are going to a festival this summer and need an outfit, then check out the sorcery of this water based body paint, even its application is mesmerising.

The summer is the season of open air festivals. No matter what your music taste, or where you are, you can be certain that there is a festival out there for you. Going hand in hand with such revelry is black light – light that is fairly inconspicuous by day, but come night, light up certain colours with a vibrant psychedelic glow.

Taking this to the next level is a black light water paint designed specifically to make your body look like a cosmic piece of art. It works through hydrocoating, which is currently used to camouflage weapons and helmets for the military. But it can have much more widespread and peaceful use, such as making your dodgy dance moves look even more trippy.

Watch on in mesmerising wonder as this guy demonstrates.