Is It Worth It To Grow Your Own Cannabis?
3 min

Is It Worth It To Grow Your Own Cannabis?

3 min

We compare the costs of buying your weed on the streets with the costs of outdoor growing and try to give an assessment of the average benefits you can expect.

Growing your own cannabis has never been more popular than now. In every city there pops up a grow shop it seems and it is no surprise since the prices of street weed are way more expensive than what they have been. Another factor is the decreasing quality that you get when buying on the blackmarket. So, we compare the prices of street weed with the initial costs of growing outdoors given an average consumption level. Indoor growing is a completely different topic (but still worth it) and is therefore excluded in this article. Please note, the prices for cannabis that you buy from a dealer vary a lot in the different countries of Europe and there are no studies researching different pricings and average consumption levels because of the illegality of cannabis. For that reason this article has to rely on the experiences and circumstances of the author who lives in Germany.


Although the costs for a gram on the streets vary a lot even within Germany (which is the same for other countries, I guess), one can say that cannabis of normal quality costs around 10 Euros here. If it costs less than this, it is usually shitty weed and for a decent quality you have to pay between 12 and 15 Euros per gram. Back in the day, good weed was available for 5-7,50 Euros, just to show you how the prices have exploded. So, for the interest of this article we are working with 10 Euros as an average street price.

The average level of consumption is a little bit harder to estimate. There are smokers who use less than a gram a week, yet many of them use more than a gram a day. Given the lack of research on this topic, let's meet in a realstic middle figure and assume an average cannabis smoker uses 5 gram per week. This leads to 50 Euros which the average user has to pay for cannabis a week. In a whole month that would be 200 Euros which is quite a lot of money. And that is only for an average user. If you consume several grams a day because you treat a medical condition for example, the costs can explode pretty fast.


As you can see, it is really expensive to buy your weed on the streets. A cost-saving alternative is to grow cannabis yourself. For the case of this article, we use the outdoor method which is the cheapest way to grow. In an ideal environment nature provides you with almost everything you will need: Sun, air and soil. You will only have to get some seeds to start. Let's assume you buy an average package of 3 seeds suitable for outdoor conditions, you can expect costs of around 30 Euros. If you live in a region where you have perfect growing climate, these 30 Euros are the only investment you have to make. The fewest of us have such ideal weather, of course, but even if you live in somewhat colder climates it is still possible to grow outdoors, yet the initial costs will be a little bit higher. Given the chance of poor soil, you will need some extra fertilizer for vegetating and flowering. With each costing around 30 Euros, we have a final investment of 90 Euros. Maybe you know a grower that has seeds for you - that would eliminate the seed money. But please don't take seeds of blackmarket weed because you don't know what you get quality-wise. It could even be a male plant!

When everything works to optimum with your outdoor operation, you can expect a yield of around 700g/plant. That makes incredible 2100g for all three plants. Our average user would last 420 weeks (no pun intended) with this amount and would have paid 21,000 Euros for it on the blackmarket. For his investment of 90 Euros, he would have only gotten 9 grams from his dealer. With one grow, he would have achieved a year-lasting supply of cannabis.


It should now be obvious that even if you do the math with slightly different numbers or one or two of your outdoor plants doesn't come out as expected, growing yourself will always be the cheaper way. There is no possible scenario where the street dealer gets you better weed for less money than this. And the quality of self-grown cannabis will always be superior, too. Sure, growing and buying on the streets are both highly illegal in most parts of the world and we do not encourage you to do anything but if you want high-grade cannabis that doesn't break your bank account, there is no other way around than planting a seed in the ground. But keep in mind, that you need specific climatic conditions to grow decent cannabis outdoors.

What are your experiences with street prices and how much do you smoke per week? Would you consider an outdoor grow after these informations? Let us know in the comments!


Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
With an AB Mass Media and Communications degree, Miguel Ordoñez is a veteran writer of 13 years and counting and has been covering cannabis-related content since 2017. Continuous, meticulous research along with personal experience has helped him build a deep well of knowledge on the subject.
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