Top 5 Smoking Accessories Every Stoner Needs

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Essential Smoking Accessories

Many different devices and tools can be used to make smoking sessions easier, more efficient and even more entertaining. These accessories will help you remain stealthy, store your weed better and impress your friends.

Smoking cannabis can easily evolve from a once-in-a-while event into a full blown hobby. Participants take great pride in the depth of their knowledge regarding all different strains, growing methods, medicinal applications and key equipment that can be used to enjoy cannabis in any number of ways.

It probably didn’t take you much time after smoking your first joint to realise that it isn’t the only way to enjoy some herb. In fact, the list of available smoking accessories and techniques appears endless when you take into account all the types of bongs, pipes, spliff structures, one-hitters and blunt wraps that exist.

And then there are all of the tools and gadgets that assist in the optimisation and ease of the smoking process, such as grinders with multiple chambers, blow torches to fire up a dab rig, containers to keep your stash fresh, screens for your pipes and cleaning options for all of the above.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best gadgets out there to maximise your smoking session for success.


Before we delve into paraphernalia revolving around functionality and storage, let's take a look at the essential smoking accessories.


Rolling Box

Rolling boxes are helpful for keeping all of your rolling equipment stored in the same place, creating easy access and preventing the loss of any important equipment. They vary in size from small and thin boxes used to store only papers and weed, to larger boxes that fit a variety of papers, lighters, grinders, weed and more.


Nuggy (The Smoker's Multi-Tool)Multi-tools are vital for those who view rolling joints as an art form. We all have that stoner friend who takes their time rolling in order to produce a balanced, smooth and otherwise perfect joint. This same friend also probably uses a multi-tool to cut papers to the correct length, slice up weed into smaller chunks and cut up roach material.



Grinders are essential for processing weed into a usable and rollable form. A good grinder will shred up cannabis so fine that it becomes almost like a powder, making it very easy to form into a joint. Grinders vary just as much as any other accessory, with better versions consisting of multiple tiers that grind weed up into finer parts. Many models also feature a tray at the bottom to catch kief, a naturally concentrated form of cannabinoids to sprinkle atop flower for an added boost in THC.


Rolling Papers

If you are aiming to roll a joint, you won’t get far without rolling papers. The type of papers you choose will determine the length of the joint. Experienced smokers will also tell you that papers go beyond construction and can also impact taste as well.

Many papers on the market taste nasty, with some even containing chlorine and other chemicals. Others are made of hemp and contain few additives to keep your cannabis as natural as possible. Flavoured papers ranging from bubble gum and apple to blueberry and orange are a fun option for those seeking a sweet way to blaze up.



Although it might seem obvious, there is a major difference between a bad lighter and a good one. Higher end lighters are usually refillable and can even withstand windy and rainy conditions if smoking outdoors. Some smokers prefer to light hemp wick and use that flame as a method to avoid noxious chemicals like butane.

Now let’s move on to another classification of accessories, those that add functionality, ease and entertainment to a smoking session.


Monkey O Kit

This entertaining little device is the perfect party trick for sitting around a table with your stoner cohort. It’s impressive when sober, but when the vibe is right and the majority of your peers are just as high as you, it's an effective way to blow minds. The Monkey O Kit basically allows the user to bust out some beautiful looking vape tricks, without having to spend time beforehand practising and training.

The kit comes equipped with 1 Monkey O and some "monkey juice" to create the vapour bubbles. The bubbles have the appearance of smokey, white floating orbs. The small, hand-held Monkey O can then be used to diffuse them into smoke in a small jet stream.


TightVac StashEvery smoker needs a way in which to store their herbal stash. Not just to keep everything safe, but to maintain freshness as well. The Stashbox Tightvac Mini is perhaps the best way to achieve this. These small containers will store your weed without any risk of spillage, which can easily occur when it is kept in a bag. Plus, it eliminates any risk of your herb getting squashed while being transported. The Stashbox Tightvac Mini provides the perfect solution for travellers looking to discreetly carry a small amount of weed.

The Stashbox comes in various colours, including black, blue, green, red and yellow. These extremely useful little containers can serve additional purposes to hold supplements, coins, jewelry, or whatever else you can fit!



If you enjoy smoking while engaging in a video game or browsing the internet, the Smokeey might just revolutionise how you go about doing this. The Smokeey acts as a type of ring that has a slot which holds your joint. This means you can continue typing or using a game controller while the jay slowly burns away. The best part? You don’t have to use your hands to hold it. Furthermore, the Smokeey can be used while carrying out many different tasks or activities that require two free hands.

The device is made of durable silicone that is resistant to heat and impact. The Smokeey is available in a variety of colours to suit your own style, ranging from black, blue, red and white and even comes in a "random" option for the daring.


Neutralising Spray

For those who like to keep their smoking habits more of a private affair, or for those who happen to have neighbours that don’t appreciate the habit, then natural odor neutralising spray is a great option to get rid of those skunk fumes. The product contains a patented substance called Biossan+ that works to effectively bind to the odour-causing molecules, neutralising them and removing any sign that weed has recently been smoked. Additionally, the spray is composed entirely of natural ingredients which are not tested on animals.

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