How To Prepare For A Psychedelic Adventure In Nature
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How To Prepare For A Psychedelic Adventure In Nature

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Nature is one of the most beautiful places to experience psychedelics. With just a few preparations you can get the most out of your journey.

There are many opinions on what’s the best way to trip. For Tim Leary it’s floating in a sensory deprivation chamber, reducing any bodily sensations to the minimum. In South American traditions, psychedelic are often taken ritually in a ceremonial setting, creating an elevating synergy among the participants. During the 60’s, LSD was taken at gatherings and festive get-togethers. And today, open air festivals are one of the most tripped out places there are. But for those who prefer a more tranquil and rooted experience, the wild outdoors will provide the most exquisite psychedelic backdrop.

Journeying in nature can open up a whole new perception of the surrounding beauty and the incredibly fine web of life. Particularly entheogens that come from the soil, such as mushrooms, magic truffles, cactus, salvia, ayahuasca, etc. tend to produce a profound sense of interconnectedness that is somewhat distinct from the crystalline nature of synthesized substance like LSD, 2CB or MDMA. To get the most out of your adventure in nature, a few basic preparation should be taken care of:

1. Fast before taking a trip

Fasting is worth it, really. Some will fast completely for 12 - 24 hours beforehand, others will eat a light breakfast and then some fruit for lunch. It’s up to you to find the balance between having enough energy and having an empty stomach. The trip will be stronger, clearer and less nauseating when taken on an empty stomach.

2. If you are new to the psychedelic experience, have a sober friend with you

While a trip-sitter is not a necessity for the experienced, a sober friend can be very helpful for the aspiring psychonaut. A good companion can handle such things as driving, interacting with people, or just be there to share the good vibes with. Quite obviously, it’s better for the trip-sitter to remain sober or only take a very small dose just to tune in.

3. Chose the right place

As the saying goes, set and setting will determine the trip. Set is what you bring along within you, and setting is everything outside of you. When tripping in nature, chose a place that is beautiful, not full of people and not dangerous. A pretty place will offer opportunities for walks, amaze you with its sheer sparkling beauty and seduce you to explore hidden trails and paths. Since you might feel the urge to roll in the dirt, hug a tree or talk to a rock, make sure there’s no people around that think you’ve lost your mind. And finally, the place obviously shouldn’t be dangerous. You don’t want to be the dude making headlines for falling off the cliff while tripping on shrooms.


4. Bring some essential supplies

No need to overdo one this one, but some things will definitely come in handy. If you can’t fit it into a small backpack, you’re probably bringing too much.

Sun protection
When awestruck by a fairytale forest, it’s very easy to forget about the sun’s intensity and catch a sunburn or heatstroke. That’s no fun, so better use a hat and/or apply some sunscreen before embarking on the adventure.

You might not feel particularly thirsty while tripping. Drinking might not even come to your mind, but as you come down you might find yourself longing for a sip of water. Stay hydrated.

Even more so than with water, you definitely don’t want to eat while you’re tripping. Most likely you won’t feel like it anyway, but even if you do, try to resist. Digestion is reduced while tripping and food will bring you down and make you feel heavy. But once you’re coming down, a snack can be divine. The most suited snacks are fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts.

Supplies for creative expression
During the peak of the trip, depending on the dose, you might be flooded with visions and kept quite busy observing your mind. But once you reach the plateau, the creative juices are flowing and something to have fun with can come in just perfect. Things as simple as a drawing notebook or a small drum can take the trip into quite another direction. Playing a musical instrument can become a vehicle to guide the journey, and juggling can be extraordinary fun when your senses are fine tuned. Bring something you like to spend time with.

After the trip

It should go without saying that you should not drive. Even if you feel fine and sober, most likely your pupils are huge and your mind is still out there. Taking public transport is really not recommended, so it’s better to either remain in walking distance from home, or even better spend the night camping out.

Once you’re back to baseline, having a nourishing meal is a good idea. Tripping hard takes energy, and you should replenish that energy. Remember that once you start eating, the trip is essentially over. The body will redirect blood and energy back into the stomach and that will definitely have you come down.

What can happen, specially with higher doses taken in the evening, is that the mind keeps spinning when you’re lying bed. While some greatly appreciate this and spend the night watching the stars and philosophizing about life, you might want to get some sleep. In that case, some simple herbal sleep aids work wonders to calm the mind. Particularly valerian, California poppy, Blue Lily, Melissa officinalis and passionflower relax the mind. And of course, some good old cannabis has helped many drift asleep.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
With an AB Mass Media and Communications degree, Miguel Ordoñez is a veteran writer of 13 years and counting and has been covering cannabis-related content since 2017. Continuous, meticulous research along with personal experience has helped him build a deep well of knowledge on the subject.
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