How To Make Edibles With Vaped Weed

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How To Make Edibles With Vaped Weed

Don't throw away that vaped bud - there's plenty life in that old herb! Recycle that brown into something a bit more edible - and here's how!

Just because your weed has been vaped doesn't mean it's down for the count, far from it in fact! Believe it or not there are more cannabinoids left in Already Vaped Bud (AVB) than most could even imagine. Unlike smoking marijuana (where your weed gets burnt to cinders), vaporizing retains a great deal of cannabinoids allowing you to recycle (so to speak) in other ways.

What to do with AVB

The sky is the limit when it comes to AVB, here are a few examples of what you could make:

- Brownies, a real classic cannabis edible
- Chicken Pot Pie ... with real pot!
- Pot pizza (Check out our recipe here)

Or … how about making Nutella Firecrackers?!


- Graham Crackers (or any other sweet biscuit base alternative)
- Nutella
- Cannabis (AVB or fresh bud, your choice)

The method:

1. Firstly, split your Graham Crackers in half so you have an even number, then smother them in Nutella.

2. Once your crackers are sufficiently coated, take a teaspoon of your already vaped bud and sprinkle it over your crackers. Depending on your preference/tolerance you could use more but one teaspoon should be enough, this is because THC is soluble in fat and Nutella has plenty of it.

3. At this point, take your cracker halves and squeeze them together to form a chocolate sandwich of cannabis goodness!

4. With your legion of sandwich things created, take some aluminum foil and carefully wrap them in it. Using a preheated oven set at 250°F (120°C) place them in there for around 20 minutes. Don't fret about burning the cannabis at this temperature, as this a fairly low heat.

5. Once done, unwrap your firecrackers and place them in a bowl or dish for serving.

6. Finally enjoy!

Credit for this method goes to the Old Hippie over at Beyond Chronic!