What Can You Do With Vaporized Weed?
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What Can You Do With Vaporized Weed?

5 min

Most folks toss their vaporized weed since they think they got everything out of it. But did you know that you can reuse your already vaped bud (AVB)? Find out what you can do with vaporized weed here in this article!


AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud, it is the marijuana that is left over after you have vaporized it. Compared to fresh bud, AVB has a brown colour and a slightly different, “toasted” aroma. Now, if you’re like most cannabis vapers, it’s likely that you toss your vaped bud thinking that you already got everything out of it. But hold on and stop right there, we have some news for you…

Here is the kicker: you can re-use your vaporized weed in many ways as long as you didn’t vape it until it turned black. What’s even better, compared to fresh bud, already vaped weed has a big advantage: it doesn’t need to go through the decarbing process to activate it because it already has in your vape. This means you can easily use your already vaped bud in many ways!

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your vaporized weed so you can get the most out of it:


Easy Edibles

Your AVB is already decarboxylated which means you don’t need to do anything special if you want to use it! This makes it perfect for super-easy edibles since you can just take the bud and sprinkle it on your food, add it to smoothies or use it to spice up your salad dressing.

How about a nice sandwich with some sprinkles of AVB on top? Since the vaped bud is so easy to use you shouldn’t have troubles to find a whole lot of creative ways to use it as an edible if you look around in your kitchen…

We should maybe also mention that AVB has a unique taste to it. It still has the typical cannabis flavour, but since it had already been vaped it has a distinct sort-of toasty note to it. Depending on your taste preferences, it can be paired well with all sorts of flavours.

How about making Nutella Firecrackers

How about making Nutella Firecrackers


  • Graham Crackers (or any other sweet biscuit base alternative)

  • Nutella

  • Cannabis (AVB or fresh bud, your choice)


  1. Firstly, split your Graham Crackers in half so you have an even number, then smother them in Nutella.

  2. Once your crackers are sufficiently coated, take a teaspoon of your already vaped bud and sprinkle it over your crackers. Depending on your preference/tolerance you could use more but one teaspoon should be enough, this is because THC is soluble in fat and Nutella has plenty of it.

  3. At this point, take your cracker halves and squeeze them together to form a chocolate sandwich of cannabis goodness!

  4. With your legion of sandwich things created, take some aluminum foil and carefully wrap them in it. Using a preheated oven set at 250°F (120°C) place them in there for around 20 minutes. Don't fret about burning the cannabis at this temperature, as this a fairly low heat.

  5. Once done, unwrap your firecrackers and place them in a bowl or dish for serving.


Use It To Make Avb Cannabutter Or Avb Oil

Not everyone likes the taste of bud in their smoothies or cookies. No worries— there are other ways to re-use your vaped buds. If you want to make edibles without them tasting like plants, you can use your vaped bud to make AVB cannabis butter or AVB canola oil.

AVB Cannabutter Instructions

To make AVB cannabutter, the first thing that you do is that you finely grind up your AVB. A coffee grinder works best for that purpose. Some say that water-curing the AVB also helps to eliminate the taste but this isn’t really required.

In a bowl, put your vaped bud, butter and a small amount of water on low heat. Let the mix sit on low heat for several hours and stir from time to time.

Let the mixture to cool a bit and then put in the fridge. After a few hours of chilling, the cannabutter will have separated to a solid layer on top of the bowl. Toss out the nasty water at the bottom, this is not what you want. Use a spoon to get the cannabutter from the top or filter the mix through a cheesecloth. For more detailed instructions, you can also see How To Make Cannabis Butter.

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AVB Oil Instructions

Instead of cannabutter for making edibles, you can also make AVB oil. For our easy AVB oil recipe, you need 1L of cooking oil (olive oil, canola oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, etcetera), at least 14g of AVB (the more, the better) and some sort of metal mesh strainer.

The cooking oil will be the base for your AVB oil. You can use any type of cooking oil for this, but olive oil may be best since the THC from your weed bonds in particular well with it. Olive oil is also healthier than some other types of cooking oils.

Take a large saucepan and pour about 1L of the oil into it. Set your stove to low heat. Be careful that you don’t burn the oil. Always keep an eye on your hot oil as it could catch fire if you’re not careful.

Take your finely ground AVB (for 1L oil you need at least 14g of vaped bud) and add it to the oil as you stir from time to time. Watch the heat of your oil! The oil should simmer but not smoke. Keep it like that simmering on your stove for 1-4 hours. 2 hours can be optimal. You know that your AVB oil is ready when the ABV has turned dark and your oil has a slight brown colour.

Take the mix off the stove and allow it to cool down for an hour or two. When your oil mix has reached room temperature, take the strainer mesh and filter the mix through it several times. You can now pour your AVB oil into a jar.


3 Make Capsules VP

You can also make cannabis capsules from your AVB. Cannabis capsules have some noteworthy benefits over other dosing methods: they are portable and discreet which makes them ideal for use on the go or for all those situations where you don’t need unwanted attention. They are also easy to use and can provide a more consistent dose as compared to edibles or some other consumption methods. And let’s not forget, capsules are also healthier than smoking.

For filling the capsules, use AVB that you ground to a very fine powder or fill them with some extra potent AVB oil. A capsule machine and empty capsules provide the best way so you can make AVB cannabis capsules.


Smoke It

Not much to say here, except that you can of course also smoke your AVB just like you do with fresh bud. You may even like the “toasty” taste of the AVB better! Bear in mind, it won't be as potent as your unused weed, so consider mixing it or for when you want a mellow effect.


Make A Tincture

You can use your vaped bud to make tinctures as well. Tinctures are made with high percentage alcohol that has been used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the rest of the plant material. You can use tinctures orally or sublingually or use them to infuse all sorts of dishes. Tinctures have the advantage that they are much faster acting than your typical edible and since they come in glass bottles with a dropper, they are also excellent if you need precise dosing.


Finally, A Word Of Caution

If you are new to cannabis edibles, no matter whether you have made the edibles yourself at home or got them from elsewhere, you should always start with a very low dose. Know that edibles take a while to kick in. First timers often don’t wait long enough for the effect (this can easily take an hour or longer), so they take ungodly amounts of edibles thinking their dose wasn’t enough. The result is a terrible experience.

You should also know that edibles can be quite different from smoking or vaping weed. Edibles will also deliver a much stronger and a much longer-lasting high. As some seasoned cannabis enthusiasts often say: it’s best to treat edibles with respect. And this is especially true if you don't have experience with them. As ABV is already used, knowing how strong it will be is even harder, so be careful.

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On a funnier note: AVB can often cause quite aromatic flatulence. Yes, you read this right; we’re talking no less than some powerful cannabis-flavoured farts here! It may help to know this if you decide to enjoy some AVB before meeting your in-laws for the first time...

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