Grow Caps (All-In-One Nutrition)
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Growcaps: How To Grow Cannabis The Easy Way

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We have a new type of cannabis nutrients in our assortment that you should check out. GrowCaps are an advanced all-in-one nutrient solution that does away with the hassle of feeding your plants. In this post you can find out about the advantages of GrowCaps and how you can use them for growing great cannabis as easy as never before.

Although growing cannabis isn’t particularly difficult, there are certain things that growers need to know to do it successfully. One of the challenges with growing weed can be getting the balance of nutrients right throughout the lifecycle of the plant. This isn’t always easy, as cannabis has different nutrient requirements during its various growing stages. Then again, giving the right balance of nutrients from the seedling stage up until when your plants are in flowering is important, as feeding mistakes (which are sometimes made even by seasoned growers) can lead to sick plants caused by nutrient lockout or nutrient deficiencies. When this happens, it can lead to poor harvests and in the worst case scenario to the death of your plants.

With GrowCaps, you can forget the hassle of providing nutrients to your plants. Learn how GrowCaps can make growing cannabis a breeze, as they do away with what is often the most tedious and most error-prone task of cannabis cultivation.



GrowCaps are not just your average long-term nutrients, like those which are sometimes added to commercial potting soils. As an advanced slow-release nutrient, they are specifically designed for growing cannabis in a pot. They utilise capsuled polymers so that the nutrients are being released in phases, precisely when required. You just need to add them to your soil once, before you plant your seedlings, and you're all set. GrowCaps provide nutrients for the entire lifecycle of your plant. All that's left for you to do is to water regularly, as you know that your plants will be getting the optimal nutrients at all times. In addition to the standard macro- and micronutrients that the GrowCaps release over time, they also contain a root stimulator and a bloom booster for maximum yields, all in one easy product. This means you won’t need any other nutrients, additives or boosters and can look forward to amazing results!

As an added bonus, GrowCaps will help retain moisture in the soil, so that you can also reduce the amount of water you use by 30%.



  • You only need to add GrowCaps once to your soil before you plant your seedlings.

  • GrowCaps release the right amount of plant nutrition at the right time throughout the entire lifetime of your cannabis plant, up until harvest.

  • You won’t need any other nutrients, additives of boosters as the GrowCaps contain everything for optimal growth.

  • GrowCaps help retain moisture in the soil, so that you need to water about 30% less.

  • Includes root stimulator and bloom booster for best growing results!


Are you ready to get growing with GrowCaps? Here’s how you get started:

  • Calculate the right amount of GrowCaps that you need

To get started with growing with GrowCaps, you need to find out how much you need. This is very simple: for every litre of soil you want to add two grams of GrowCaps. So if you are growing a plant in a 10l pot, you should add 20g of GrowCaps. If you grow in a smaller 5l pot, you add 10g, for a 15l pot you would add 30g and so on. Easy. You can measure out the right amount of GrowCaps that you need with a digital scale. GrowCaps at Royal Queen Seeds come in a 100g bag, which is enough to grow five plants in a 10l pot each. A 20g bag of GrowCaps contains just the right amount for one 10l planting pot.

  • Prepare your seeds

You don’t want to germinate your seeds in a GrowCaps soil medium as freshly sprouted plants do not require nutrients. It is best when you allow roughly three weeks before you plant your seedlings in the GrowCaps soil medium. For planting with GrowCaps, germinate your seeds as usual. For best germination results, you can use the Smart Start in combination with the Propagator Pro 2.

  • Preparing your soil with GrowCaps

Before you plant your seedlings you need to prepare your soil with the GrowCaps. No worries there, as you only need to do this once. Just follow our step-by-step guide and you can provide your plant with the optimal conditions for best results.

  1. Use regular potting soil. “Light” potting soils that contain only a small amount of nutrients will be optimal, but any other type of good universal potting mix will do. Just make sure to not use potting mixes that already contain slow-release nutrients. Avoid potting mixes where the label on the bag says that the nutrients in it will last for several months.

  2. For measuring, fill your planting pot with soil, so you know how much soil to prepare.

  3. Now pour the soil from the pot into a large container and mix the soil well with the right amount of GrowCaps, ensuring even distribution. Remember, for each 1l of soil use 2g of GrowCaps crystals. Normally, a 10l container and 20g of GrowCaps will be optimal for growing one single plant.

  4. Transfer the soil back to your planting pot and add the correct amount of water. To find how much water you should add, divide your pot size by 10: If you’re using a 10l pot, use 1l water and so on. Make sure that the water is at room temperature between 18–22°C.

  5. Wait 12 hours and water your soil a second time, with the same amount of water as described in step 4.

  6. Wait another 12 hours before you plant your seedling in the pot. Water your seedling with a small amount of water.

  7. After approximately one week you can start your regular watering routine.



  • GrowCaps retain moisture in the soil, which helps you save water. Make sure that you reduce the amount of water you use by 30%.
  • GrowCaps work for autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis strains.
  • GrowCaps are optimized for indoor cultivation and are not intended for growing outdoors.
  • Do not germinate seeds in the GrowCaps medium. Plant your seedlings in the pot with the GrowCaps when they are roughly 3 weeks old.


Needing to balance nutrients throughout the life of your cannabis plant is one of the things that can make growing cannabis more challenging. With GrowCaps, you can reduce the work and only need to water your plant regularly. Another benefit of GrowCaps is that you don't need a whole bunch of different nutrients and additives, as it will give your cannabis plants all they need for optimal growth and maximum yields. This makes GrowCaps a great all-in-one nutrient solution for indoor cannabis growers.

Happy growing!

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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