Colorado Continues Raking In Cash

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Colorado Continues Raking In Cash

It would seem things are still going pretty damned well for Colorado, as they hit the highest ever marijuana sales figures to date.

Colorado was one of the first places to fully legalise the use of recreational marijuana, and it is still reaping the rewards of its bold and pioneering move. Whilst many thought the initial interest in marijuana would tail off after a few months, it would appear that its responsible use continues to be popular, with June 2015 raking in record breaking sales, totalling $50 million. It is a gigantic amount of money flowing into the state’s economy, and signifies the potential power of this emerging industry!


Although tax is rarely talked about in a fond light, it is tax that is driving legalisation forward. In places like Colorado, where cannabis is now legal, the associated taxes are pumped back into the community, helping to build schools and fund public services. It is partly why legalisation is so popular with none users, as the sale of this relatively harmless plant benefits everyone.

In June, $2.9 million in tax were raised for the school fund, taking the total to $16.6 million so far this year. It is a staggering amount of money considering there are still six months to go from this point. It is a real and fundamental investment into the education of the state.


If we remember correctly, Kevin Sabet, co-founder of the anti-cannabis group “Project SAM,” said that for every $1 raised in taxes, $10 would need to be spent on correcting the harm legalisation causes. So Mr Sabet, we would ask where this so-called harm is, and the costs associated with them. From everything seen so far, it would appear that things are going very well for Colorado, with crime, underage use, and police spending going down. Time for a slice of humble pie? Of course not, you are a prohibitionist and have been arguing ideological nonsense for time immeasurable.