Cannabis Drone Deliveries To Start In California

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Cannabis Drone Deliveries To Start In California

Lucky residents of California could soon be getting their weed delivered by air-drop.

Society doesn’t really know what to do about drones. The security and privacy issues they present have authorities perplexed, yet their potentials are innumerable. One such potential is for the delivery of drugs. We have already seen in the news of criminals trying to deliver drugs into a prison using drones, but now a legal weed company wants to take the concept, and roll it out on a commercial scale – offering its customers same-day drone delivery marijuana.

It sounds pretty awesome, and at the same time, crazy. The company in question is a start-up called Trees Delivery, based in San Francisco where medical cannabis is legal. The only thing currently holding them back is approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Should Trees Delivery gain approval, they will be thrust to the forefront of both the cannabis and drone industries, both of which are relatively new. It has the potential to make the marijuana business a flagship of the future.

However, new and untested models of business come with their own set of risks. One that instantly springs to mind when talking about drones, is robbery. To see a drone going overhead with a marijuana care package will likely be too tempting for some, and we wouldn’t be surprised if drone hunting becomes a new speciality. It is something that will have to be factored in, and no one really knows how it would be prevented yet. It is an issue that other companies, like Amazon, who are also mulling over the idea of same-day drone deliveries, have still yet to find a solution for.

Should things go ahead though, residents of California that hold a valid medical marijuana license will be able to hop onto the Trees Delivery website and order a same day airdrop. The company aims to offer three different packages. There will be the “bud” box, which will contain rare and exotic strains for the connoisseur; the “extracts” box, which as the name suggests, contains cannabis extracts; and finally, the “beginners” box, which will contain some high quality bud and all the things needed to use it, such as papers, lighter and a grinder.

Could this very well be the future of cannabis retail? Sure, there are a few kinks to iron out, but drones are perfectly suited to carry small lightweight packages, such as cannabis. It may all be whacky pie-in-the-sky thinking, but the prospect is exciting none the less.