Can You Smoke Weed Out Of A Tobacco Pipe?
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Can You Smoke Weed Out Of A Tobacco Pipe?

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Tobacco pipes have a certain romance to them, but unfortunately, they're not particularly well-suited to smoking cannabis. In this short article, we review why tobacco pipes aren't exactly optimised for our favourite green herb.

In this article, we look at whether it’s possible to smoke weed out of a classic tobacco pipe. Now, it’s important to note that many pipes designed for cannabis use are marketed as “tobacco pipes”, and these can obviously be used to smoke weed. So, more specifically, we’re talking about the sorts of pipes that are genuinely designed to be used with pipe tobacco.

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Is it possible to smoke weed out of a tobacco pipe?

Is It Possible To Smoke Weed Out Of A Tobacco Pipe

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Tobacco pipes have a very specific design that makes them suitable for smoking pipe tobacco, but not cannabis (or cigarette tobacco, for that matter).

If a pipe is all you have to hand, then it can do the job, but it isn’t going to be particularly efficient or tasty compared to other smoking methods.

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Reasons people don't use tobacco pipes to smoke weed

But why should you avoid smoking weed in a tobacco pipe? Aren’t all pipes basically the same? While they all work by the same principles, the exact designs differ slightly to accommodate the substance being smoked.

Tobacco pipes have small mouthpieces

Tobacco Pipes Have Small Mouthpieces

First off, tobacco pipes have very small mouthpieces. The reason for this is that tobacco smokers tend to take frequent, small draws from their pipes. As such, the contents burn slowly and the user gets many small hits.

When smoking cannabis in a pipe, it’s preferable to take fewer, larger hits. Most people don’t want to sit gently smoking on a pipe of weed, but would rather take a few large hits, feel the effects, and put the pipe down.

The bowl is big

The bowl in tobacco pipes tends to be very large to accommodate sparse and dry pipe tobacco. These large bowls can tempt cannabis users to overfill and smoke too much.

Cannabis pipes can have very small bowls, providing just enough space for a single hit. Judging the size of a hit can be much more difficult when it comes to smoking with a tobacco pipe. And if you overfill, not only do you run the risk of getting higher than you might like, but you can also waste a lot of weed. Properly burning a large bowl of cannabis can be a challenge.

There is no screen

Tobacco pipes do not have a screen (though you could fit a gauze if you have one), meaning burning weed can make its way down the stem and into your mouth. Even if this doesn’t happen, the stem will quickly become blocked and smoking will become a struggle, then impossible. It won’t be long until you’re cracking out the pipe cleaners to unblock it!

It has a nasty tobacco aftertaste

It Has A Nasty Tobacco Aftertaste

If a tobacco pipe has regularly been used to smoke tobacco, then it will pick up a very strong taste of tobacco and tar. This is a deep, dark flavour and isn’t all that pleasant to those who aren’t accustomed to it. Therefore, you can’t expect to enjoy the flavour of your smoke if you’re smoking through a used tobacco pipe. In fact, the aftertaste can be quite disgusting.

Tobacco pipes are big

These pipes are generally quite big, which makes them unwieldy and harder to transport. And they’re definitely not subtle! Some weed pipes can easily slip into your pocket; tobacco pipes can’t. Plus, depending on why you have one, you might need to carry it protected to stop it from breaking—they’re often precious items.

It is not socially acceptable

It Is Not Socially Acceptable

Publicly smoking weed by any means isn’t often socially acceptable, but tobacco pipes are sure to draw attention to you. Of course, so would a normal weed pipe, but tobacco pipes are even bigger and more obvious.

If you want to avoid detection, there are better ways to smoke.

Tobacco pipes: Should you use them to smoke weed?

Tobacco Pipes: Should You Use Them To Smoke Weed?

If you have other options available to you, then these are likely to be better. That being said, if a tobacco pipe is all you’ve got, then it will do the job. Just fit a gauze if you can, and be sure not to overpack it!

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