A US Company Wants To Weaponise Weed
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A US Company Wants To Weaponise Weed

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US company is patenting different cannabis weapons for urban warfare and riot control. Claims to subsitute the use of harmful weapons carried by the police officers. It would turn instead in a different form of torture. Plus, they will add other drugs than cannabinoids in their bullets.

They used to arrest people for cannabis possession since decades. Maybe within a few years police will arrest people using cannabis as a weapon. Cannabis is (almost) legal in USA, and millions of people use any kind of this plant’s derivatives. “Well, if it’s not so harmful, why not using the plant for police purposes”, someone said. They claimed cannabis would be great for urban warfare and riot control. The business is trying to start up.


Their concept is using synthetic and organic cannabinoids as sedative and anesthetic agents. As opposed to opioids, THC and CBD are not able to depress respiratory and cardiovascular functions, which would cause death to rioters, petty criminals, or suspects. That’s why these people are so kind. Have a look at their LinkedIn Pulse: “Officials currently have no way of safely and effectively sedating a suspect or inmate ... if a subject remains safely incapacitated or immobilized for an extended period, ... then taking ... into lawful custody or containment is safer for both the subduer as well as the subdued ...”






It looks like these people are on the process of getting their business idea patented. Their payoff is “STONE THEM, and OUT THEY GO, FOR HOURS”. They continue: “SAINT Brand Cannabis has reconfigured a few types of lethal and non-lethal systems to deliver both injectable and/or inhalable NON-LETHAL WEAPONIZED CANNABIS via a CANNA-ROUND. Their imaginary weapons are CANNA-DART, CANNA-BALL (paint ball type round), CANNA-STER (gas canister round).  As they say: “In, on, and ‘all over’ targets”. Thank you guys, just pick the right strain.


These new “soft” chemical weapons would avoid the use of intermediate weapons such as batons, pepper spray, combat techniques, and the electrocuting taser. Sounds good?


The crazy thing is, these people claim being into cannabis weapons in order to save lives in the name of God, yet they foretell in their patent documents of using a mix of THC (or something) and “... at least one dissociative anesthetic ... benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates, diprivan, thiopental, ketamine, desflurane, isoflurane, nitrous oxide, sevoflurane, xenon and combinations”. What bullshit. Delivery systems will be “hypodermic injections, inhalers, water-borne, air-borne, or space-borne undefined platforms, with fluids, mist, vapor, gas, gel, or cream”. Intrigued readers can find some other information on this brilliant idea on LinkedIn Pulse blog.

Why not? What if cops trapped and forced you to be stoned up to the point of having nausea, paranoia, or total weakness, then interrogating you about your behaviour over the last few hours? Better than kicks in your balls, of course. Actually, just a different kind of torture. Well, if you’re quite lucky to get a good cop he’s going to stone you just enough to be meek in front of his chieftain, or a judge. Today, the “Stone you all” company’s website is a home-made visual nightmare. We hope it keeps this amateur look for a long time.


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