A New Understanding: The Science Of Psilocybin

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A New Understanding: The Science Of Psilocybin

The spirituality the psilocybin within magic mushrooms induces can go well beyond simple recreational use, helping people come to terms with life and death, as this documentary explores.

There have been quite a few scientific studies showing how the use of magic mushrooms, and the psilocybin within, can help people come to terms with life and death – especially for those terminally ill. However, the nature and language in which these studies are often published can be boring, intimidating, or just too complicated to understand what is going on. It can make scientific findings quite inaccessible for the everyday person. Fortunately, there are those who work to bring such findings to the masses, exploring them in more detail in a relatable and engaging way. Red Phoenix Productions are just one such group.

In their most recent documentary “A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin,” the group explore the history of psilocybin science – psilocybin being the main psychoactive compound found within magic mushrooms. They also follow the journey of three patients undergoing psilocybin based therapy to help them overcome the anxiety caused by death and other issues in their lives.

Over the course of the documentary you see each patient come to terms with problems, to one degree or another, thanks to the introspective nature of psilocybin – allowing them to see life from new perspectives. Through psychedelics, they are given a healthy outlet to mourn lost loved ones, confront fears, and find a hidden spirituality within themselves that they didn’t realise was there.

A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin

According to Dr. Charles S. Grob, a psychiatrist at UCLA currently researching the effects of psilocybin on advanced stage cancer patients, “Individuals in psychedelic research studies who experienced a spiritual epiphany during the course of their many hour treatment session were more likely to have a long-term therapeutic outcome.”

It is one of the few studies currently being conducted with the final aim of petitioning the FDA to make psilocybin a prescription medicine. There is a growing amount of research showing that psilocybin is an extremely useful resource for treatment and therapy. Although research by the likes of Grob still has a few more stages to go, they are spearheading a revolution psychedelic based therapy. If you are interested in the future potentials of psilocybin and magic mushrooms, we highly recommend giving this documentary a watch, as it makes the science behind this push forward a lot more relatable, and shows first-hand the positive impact psilocybin can have on our lives.