5 Reasons Why Every Grower Should Try Breeding Cannabis
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5 Reasons Why Every Grower Should Try Breeding Cannabis

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Breeding cannabis at home allows you to create new strains that produce the cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles that suit your taste perfectly. Plus, you will be contributing to something bigger: the genetic diversity of the entire species.

Breeding cannabis refers to the controlled reproduction of two cannabis plants. It allows breeders to create new strains that express the desired traits of both parents by fertilising the flowers of a female specimen with the pollen of a male. Put simply; breeding involves the facilitation of plant sex.

For example, a breeder cultivating a female with beautiful purple flowers may want to cross it with a tall, high-yielding sativa male to get the best of both worlds. By crossing the strains over subsequent generations, they’ll create a tall progeny with colourful buds. Of course, this involves a good deal of work. It might take a bit of backcrossing and multiple generations to create a stable offspring that consistently expresses these traits.

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Breeding cannabis might seem like something that should be reserved for professionals in white lab coats in large and expensive facilities, but it can be done just as easily at home. If you have any experience growing cannabis then you can just as easily start breeding plant species. As well as being a fun hobby it’s a fantastic way to develop your own personal strain that features the traits that you desire.

There are many reasons why you should give breeding cannabis a go. It’s easy to do both indoors and outdoors and you could end up creating something completely new and unique. Here are five reasons why you should try breeding cannabis.

1. Create The Ideal Cannabis Strain


Every cannabis smoker has their own preferences when it comes to effect, taste, and smell. There are the indica lovers who highly value the physical body high that this subspecies has to offer and appreciate the therapeutic and stoning qualities. On the other hand are the sativa smokers who much prefer stimulation and motivating head highs that help them with creative projects and give them energy in the daytime. There are also smokers who love a combination of these two subspecies at varying levels in strains that offer a mixture of these effects.

By breeding cannabis you can, over time, develop a strain that is perfectly aligned with your own herbal preference. By starting with strains with similar traits you can selectively breed them to produce offspring what will possess these traits to greater degrees.

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The same goes for the taste of a cannabis strain. There is a huge diversity of both taste and smell among strains. Both of these elements are created by terpenes, aromatic molecules that are produced by the trichome glands of cannabis flowers.

As well as providing unique smells and tastes, they can greatly influence the effect of the high via what is known as the entourage effect. By breeding strains with desirable terpene profiles, breeders can successfully develop a new strain with the flavourful and aromatic qualities they are seeking. Strains with a similar terpene profile can be mixed to enhance a particular taste or smell. In contrast, strains with very different profile can be crossbred to create a complementary mix.

2. Test Your Skills As A Cannabis Grower


Growing cannabis is an endless process that starts with learning through trial and error and continues into eventual mastery. For the beginner the learning curve can be steep. Taking in all of the information regarding water schedules, nutrition, lighting, air flow, topping, pruning, harvesting, and setting up a grow room can be intimidating at first. The typical beginner route is to start with a hardy autoflowering variety that is forgiving and fast to flower.

When growers get to grips with this type of cultivation, the next steps are naturally to scale up their operations and to select photoperiod and autoflowering strains that are more challenging to grow, but offer the rewards of increased yields and more potent highs. Intermediate growers often experiment with different growing methods to boost yields such as low stress training (LST) and the screen of green method (ScrOG).

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Whether you are new to growing weed, a seasoned intermediate, or a veteran in the field, you can sufficiently test your growing skills by attempting to breed the strains you are growing. Whatever level you are currently at, by breeding plants you’ll definitely see an increase in your general ability to care for and successfully cultivate cannabis. Breeding alongside growing will require you to set up a dedicated breeding space to prevent the unwanted pollination of other plants. It will also require you to learn how to pollinate female flowers and how to grow and care for the male gender of the species.

3. Fame And Fortune


As well as being a valuable skill and a priceless learning experience there are other benefits that come along with breeding weed. Those breeders that stumble across a particular genetic mix are destined for vast recognition and praise within the cannabis world. Thousands of cannabis strains exist and many more are created every year. The flowers of these strains are judged and tested at numerous prestigious events and competitions, the best of which are given awards and prizes. You could be a winner of one of these events and leave your mark on the world of weed alongside developing your breeding skills.

4. Discover Something New


Breeding is all about experimentation. It’s just as much of a science as it is an art form. By crossing strains that you already love you may find that you discover a combination that produces a high or taste that you have never quite experienced before due to a unique cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles. This opens up a whole new door to your cannabis experience, and nothing will beat the sensation that you were the one who made it possible.

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5. Continue The Genetic Diversity Of The Cannabis Species


There are many pure and unaltered landrace strains on Earth that have developed via the demands of nature. However, cannabis has become such a diverse plant due to selective breeding at the hand of man. Genetic diversity is important as it offers consumers something entirely different and caters to all needs. Some growers require genetics that have been bred to handle the cold and flower fast, whereas others need those that can tolerate tropical heat. Some medicinal users need strains sky high in THC, whereas others need minimal traces of this cannabinoid along with large volumes of CBD. By crossing genetics of particular strains you are actively contributing to the future genetic diversity of the cannabis species and inevitably creating something that other growers and consumers will need.

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