Purple Cannabis Buds
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How To Grow Colourful, Purple Cannabis Buds

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Purple cannabis flowers are a sight to behold. They seem like the stuff of legend, yet this botanical delight is the result of specific cannabis genetics that can be greatly enhanced using certain tips and tricks.

As time passes, the grades of both photographic technology and cannabis are both exponentially increasing. These two domains maintain a symbiotic relationship in regard to viral cannabis porn that is circling the currents of social media. These images often depict large, frosty buds that are encumbered with trichomes to the point where they look encased in glass.

The pinnacle of these artistic displays are indeed those that feature purple cannabis flowers. The allure of something rare, along with the striking, deep purple pigmentation of plant matter is a sight that makes all stoners gaze in awe. Far from being a Photoshop manipulation, purple cannabis flowers actually exist and it is perfectly possible to cultivate such a stupendous life form at home.


Some Cannabis Strains Have More Purple Power Than Others

There are techniques published on the internet that assert the possibility of turning any cannabis plant purple. This statement is indeed false and attempts to participate in such actions are often futile.

Some attempt to use methods such as depriving their cannabis crop of crucial gases, while others boost the nitrogen load. The latter may cause brown burns to manifest on plants, but it certainly will not bolster a healthy purple specimen.

The first step toward cultivating a purple variety of cannabis is to locate the correct genetics. This colourful aesthetic can be enhanced using the right practices, yet the foundation of the hue is firmly rooted within the genetics of the plant. Before we delve into techniques you can use to enhance the purple of your crop, let’s identify the best strains to elect for the task.

Blueberry Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds

Blueberry Automatic Zamnesia

Blueberry Automatic is an autoflowering hybrid that features purple flowers nestled within striking green leaves. This strain harbours a healthy amount of cannabinoids THC and CBD, making Blueberry Automatic a great medical and recreational smoke with an amazing purple aesthetic. The strain’s autoflowering genetics make for a quick and easy grow cycle.

Blue Mystic by Royal Queen Seeds

Blue Mystic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Blue Mystic shares some genetic traits with the aforementioned Blueberry Automatic, gracing plants with the potential for deep purple flowers. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of parent strains Blue and Northern Light. The plant contains high levels of THC and moderate concentrations of CBD.

Purple 1 by Dutch Passion

Purple 1 (Dutch Passion)

Purple 1 features a deep and dark purple colour with reddish hints. The strain presents an even balance between indica and sativa genetics, offering a smooth smoke and fruity aftertaste.

Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

Berry Bomb (Bomb Seeds)

Berry Bomb grows flowers that show off a light purple complexion. This strain also shares a genetic relationship with Blueberry. Berry Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers impressive levels of THC. The aesthetic of this strain isn’t just limited to purple - lilac and pink hues can also be detected.


After you have chosen your desired purple strain, it’s time to consider a number of other factors that will enhance the vibrancy of your plants.

Temperature is an important variable in this domain and can influence the degree of colour. Some strains make the task easy and will simply turn purple regardless of the influence of temperature. Other strains require a thermal nudge in order to achieve the desired hue.

Some strains appear to achieve more preferable shades of purple when there is a contrast between day and night temperatures. The aim here is to provide the crop with warm and pleasant day temperatures in tandem with colder night temperatures. This strategy will help certain strains change colour, especially towards the end of the grow cycle. A warm day temperature of 25°C in combination with a colder night temperature of 20°C should reap optimal results.

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Cannabis Lights And Root Ph

Light plays a key role in the process of photosynthesis and is absolutely crucial in the equation of plant energy synthesis. Additionally, light is an integral variable that helps determine your plants’ purple complexion. A strong, bright and direct light source appears to tease out the purple tones of plants that are genetically orientated to display such a characteristic.

The pH of a solution represents its acidity or alkalinity. The higher the pH, the more alkaline the solution; The lower the reading, the more acidic the solution. A reading of 7 represents a neutral solution.

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How To Adjust pH Level When Growing Cannabis

It has been reported that root pH is another influencing factor when it comes to purple cannabis flowers. We know that other species of flowers can be highly influenced by the pH of the soil when it comes to colour. But research in this area is by no means conclusive. Although, if you have the time and resources, it is recommended that your test out a range of soil pH options with different plants to observe which one provides the best outcome.


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