How to Get High Without Using Cannabis
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Top 10 Ways To Get High Without Drugs

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Getting high doesn’t have to be about drugs, the body has all it needs to create a high from within – it just needs a little push.

When it comes to the pursuit of getting high, many assume that drugs are essential. And of course they are, but not always. There are other ways to manipulate the body, bringing forth a high from within.

Sure, obtaining these highs may take a little practice, and may or may not be as profound as a drug-induced high to some, but being able to make use of them is sure to excite some people. So here are ten drug-free ways to go about it.

10 Ways To Get High Without Drugs


High Without Drugs: Holotropic Breathwork

Developed by LSD researcher and pioneering psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork is a breathing technique that is able to induce visions and deep meditative states. According to some, the technique allows the breather to experience even spiritual awakenings, see visions of past selves, confronting past traumas, feel physical sensations and go beyond waking consciousness.

Although hard to believe that a breathing exercise could induce such profound effects, MAPS, an organisation dedicated to investigating psychedelic based therapy, concluded in a study that Holotropic Breathwork appeared to be a viable alternative to psychedelic-assisted therapy.


High Without Drugs: Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are computer generated audio tracks that claim to synchronise your brainwaves and induce mind altering states. By playing different tones through each earpiece of your headphones, these tracks are supposed to create an illusion of a beat, and alter perception. They are often branded digital drugs, but to say this is quite a stretch.

There is a lot of debate as to how far their powers go. They do have some kind of effect, and are often used in clinical trials to help research sleep cycles, but they are certainly not as powerful as drugs. However, if they can space you out, make you feel more relax, or give you a slight energising buzz, then great. They are not dangerous, completely legal, and obtainable online, so there is no harm in giving them a go. How much they “get you high” will completely depend on you.

Once the brain is in tune with the binaural beat it produces brainwaves of that frequency altering the listener's state of mind.                              view full article


High Without Drugs: Sensory Deprivation Tank

The sensory deprivation tank is an amazing bit of kit. It is a light and soundproof tank that contains highly concentrated salt water heated to body temperature. It causes the user to float in a complete sensory blackout, making them feel like they are floating in complete nothingness. After a while, this deprivation breaks down the boundaries of awareness, unlocking deep introspective thought, creativity, and a profound sense of relaxation.


Hgih Without Drugs: Running And Intense Exercise

They call it a runner's high for a reason. Although exercise can be quite gruelling to begin with, when you pass a certain threshold the body starts to produce large amounts endocannabinoids, which play upon the same receptors in the body as the cannabinoids in cannabis. Until recently, it was thought that endorphins were responsible for the great feeling felt when exercising, but new research suggests that the majority of the feeling comes from these endocannabinoids.


High Without Drugs: Sex

Sex is great. The rush of neurotransmitters and hormones makes us feel over the moon, especially during the climax, when the part of the brain that controls behaviour temporarily shuts down. However, this can be taken to all new heights with a little conscious loving. Love really is a drug, and when you purposefully involve it in your sex life, it can make the experience pure and unbridled with your partner.

It is as if you very souls interact, rather than just the lower parts of your body. And as you feel the flow and connection spread, you move to each other’s rhythm, and find pleasure in every aspect of the experience – going well beyond simple sex. It is an art form perfected by Ancient Indians, who developed tantric sexual techniques to prolong the experience and hit new levels of bliss.


High Without Drugs: Sweat Lodges

The use of a sweat lodge is a traditional practice for of many of the Native American tribes. It was used as a way of purifying the self as part of ceremonies, to contemplate, and even as a part of vision quests.

By following in their footsteps, it is possible to put yourself in the same situation and alter your state of mind, gaining insights not seen before. It is worth noting that exposing yourself to prolonged periods of intense sweating can cause severe dehydration, and be dangerous for those with underlying health issues.


High Without Drugs: Fasting

It may sound odd, but fasting is an age old tradition used by various cultures and religions as a technique to open one’s self up to spiritual experiences. Generally, when you miss a meal, you begin to feel a little foggy in the head, irritable, and down.

However, clinical trials have found that prolonged periods of abstaining from food can bring balance, improve mental clarity, increase your sense of wellbeing, and even cause euphoria. Of course, not eating can be dangerous, and shouldn’t be encouraged without proper research and therapeutic structure – especially if you have any underlying heath issues or eating disorders. This is more just to show you that the strangest and most unexpected things can take our minds to new places.


High Without Drugs: Ecstatic Dance

Ever been to a rave or party and seen someone looking like they are having way too much fun? The assumption is that drugs are causing it, but it could actually be the way they are moving. Moving your body in yogic or pattern like movements to music you feel a connection with can put you in a meditative trance.

In such a trance, the state of mind can be altered, taking a normal adrenaline rush, and making it feel like a mind-expanding balloon. It makes sense when you realise that the penal gland in the brain can synthesises serotonin into DMT, but only does it when you are asleep or in a deep meditative state.


High Without Drugs: Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga, also commonly referred to as hot yoga, is a yogic practice based on traditional hatha yoga, performed in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Other than being very centring and calming,

Bikram yoga results in the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn results in a lot of endorphins being released in the body.Chances are, much like in the running point above, it also causes endocannabinoids to be released – although this has not been scientifically tested. The result is leaving the yoga studio feeling as high as a kite.


High Without Drugs: Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the art of altering your state of mind during sleep so that you become “conscious” or aware during your dreams. It eventually allows the dreamer full control, to dream whatever they want, change anything they want, and be an active part of it – for some, it can feel as real as the waking world.

Furthermore, the experience is often remembered upon waking, increasing enjoyment and allowing the dreamer to pick up from where they left off next time. Lucid dreaming can be quite hard to achieve, but it is possible with dedication. It gives the dreamer unprecedented power within the world of dreams – an ultimate trip of your own devising.

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