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Soil and bio (Propagation)

Though cannabis seeds could be germinated in just a glass of water, either way you will eventually have to put it into some sort of medium for the developing root to fix. The most obvious choice is soil. Depending on your setup and time schedule, this can be done either directly in the pot in which the plant will reach its maturity (this could be done reasonably only if using prime feminised seeds), or in smaller pots filled with special seedling soil mixes.

Cannabis seedlings have different needs than adult plants. During their first days they take their nutrients from within (that is what makes the seeds such a great, healthy snack). That is why using nutrient rich pre-mixes is not a necessity at this stage. Since highest on the priority list in this crucial first week is developing a sound root system, the soil has to be extremely lights, allowing roots to grow effortless. The same is true for cuttings, though in that case some external nutrition might be necessary from day one.