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Growth tents (Propagation)

Just as adult cannabis plants, clones and seedlings need to be kept in a specific microclimate. Since it is quite different from the one required by older plants, it is best to keep them in specially prepared grow area. This could be easily achieved with a cloning growing tent, a clonebox.

Similarly to regular grow tents, this is a soundproof, lightproof and smellproof construction, with white or silver (mylar, orca) reflective inner layer, allowing maximal use of available light. It also helps to keep the humidity at required level (around 80% during the plants first weeks of life). Multiple shelves, that cloning boxes are usually equipped with, creates plenty of room for your young seedlings and clones. After some adaptation, cloning boxes could also be used as a dedicated box for nurturing for mother plant.

Since cannabis plants are producing a strong and characteristic smell, growers using cloning tents are faced with the same dillema as with grow tents - cheaper models, made of thinner material, are less smell-proof.