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Miscellaneous (Propagation)

Propagation of cannabis is a delicate art and one of the more important parts of the whole cultivation process. The difficulty of handling seedlings and clones draws from the fact, that they are very fragile both to mechanical injuries, as to hostile environment - too high or too low temperature, low humidity, pests in the ground, overexposure to light etc.

Since different growers have their own ways of dealing with cannabis propagation, a whole range of accessories, bits and pieces exist to make your life easier. Propagation mats made of rockwool or coco, propagators (also available with heating mats), special seed soil mixes, rooting enzymes, general enhancers and much more, all await willing growers.

Taking extra care of young plants is a good investment - it helps it to grow a strong, developed roots system which later becomes a lifestream of an adult plant, creating a healthier plant which in turn produces more THC rich, resin laden buds.