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How do I germinate cannabis seeds?

Before we start with the germination there is one crucial thing to keep in mind: cleanliness is a big factor when working with your offspring and it is not limited to the tools and materials you work with, but it includes YOU! For example, if you are a (tobacco) smoker ... did you know nicotine is poisonous to cannabis plants just as it is to you? So, work like a surgeon and use antibacterial soap to wash your hands before every operation. Tweezers, scissors, pots, buckets - it ALL must be clean for maximum results at the lowest possible risk of contamination.

For a perfect start for your seeds, you should place them in a moist, cosy environment. Instantly after breaking through the shell, the little root will seek for moisture, so make sure to provide a moist environment for the new life; if you don't, the seed will die. Keep a high humidity throughout the whole germinating process. 

Wether you are using a warming light, placed over your babies or a heating pad, keep your seeds warm. Basically there are three components to successful germination: warmth, moisture and darkness. And even after stepping out of the dark period your seedlings will need high humidity.

There are various methods to successfully germinating cannabis seeds, but we'll limit it to three here; the three easiest and almost dummy proof.

1. Put the seeds into a glass and cover with water. That's pretty much it, you only have to replace the water on a daily basis. It is recommended to provide a constant water temperature of 20°C. Within only 3-5 days you will see small white spots, indicating the seed breaks through its shell. At this point, new life has begun and awaits speedy feeding. As soon as the rooting is 2-3mm long, it is time for putting the seedling into seedling soil. Poke a small, 0.197" (0,5cm) deep hole into the soil and gently place your seedling inside. Carefully cover it with soil. Provide sufficient moisture by using a dispenser, but don't soak the soil. For warmth and lighting place a fluorescent light over it.How to germinate marijuana seeds

2. One breeder says "In the dark", another "It needs light". We support the dark method. Take two wads of cotton wool or paper towels and place the seeds in between. Make sure the wads/towels don't get too wet or dry. After about 2-3 days you'll see the roots breaking through the shell of the seeds and this is when you carefully place the seedlings in soil, with the roots pointing down of course. Now keep them warm and moist and add some light, 18 hours will do.How to germinate marijuana seeds

3. Plant your seed directly in regular soil. The obvious advantage is that you don't need to re-pot or move the plant, avoiding damage to the seedling. Again, keep the environment warm and humid.How to germinate a cannabis seed

Our advise as a summary:

This third technique is the technique we recommend. We recommend to use the 'Smart Start' to germinate seeds. A lot of mistakes are usually made using the first and second germination technique.

Put the seeds directly, about 0,5cm deep, into the soil and place a lamp above. If you are using wet cotton wads, place them in the dark, at around 20-22 degrees (soil/water temperature) and make sure to replace the water daily.

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