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What To Do With Trimmed Cannabis Leaves 2.0

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The cannabis bud is not the only part of the plant with THC. In fact, you can also extract it from the leaves. It is not as potent, but there are many end uses for this important part of the plant that you should never just throw away!

If you are like most people, you do not want to waste any part of the plant. Apart from the bud, though, is there anything else that you can use?

The answer is yes. You can extract THC from trimmings of all sorts. That includes the stalks and leaves. In fact, there are lots of uses for the “other” parts of the plant. You certainly do not want to throw this canna-gold away.

The leaves in particular are a great source of extra THC. This is not going to be as concentrated as what you get from the bud. But why waste it? A few years ago we already made a list of some great ideas for your cannabis trims, here are 5 additional ways to utilise your trimmed leaves to your benefit.


Vape The Trimmed Cannabis Leaves

Believe it or not, you can vape the leaves. They do not have as much of a concentration of THC as the bud. But many budget-strapped tokers have stretched their stash with the leaves. You can use either the raw leaves (chop them up first). Or you can make a cannabis-vape liquid out of the leaves.


Canna Smoothie Made Of Trimmed Leaves

Cannabis smoothies are an interesting way to ingest your cannabis. This is because of the healthy ingredients in them beyond the cannabinoids. However, it is also to do with how those ingredients interact with cannabinoids. This is what is called The Entourage Effect.

This theory says that the impact of cannabinoids can be increased by other compounds in cannabis, such as terpenes. These are the essential oils of the plant. That said, this research does not stop here. Other plants have terpenes. It could be that vitamin C bearing fruits work especially well when combined with certain cannabinoids.

That said, there are no end of smoothie recipes you can adapt to your taste and needs. Even better, this is a perfect use for your “extra” cannabis leaves. Just combine the leaves with your favourite smoothie recipe. If you add hemp seeds or hemp milk, you are in for a full cannabinoid treat!

It is worth noting, in a raw, unheated form, cannabis contains THCa, not THC. This will not get you high, but it's thought to have many benefits of its own.


Make Your Own Weed Oil

THC is oil soluble. That means that you can extract THC using any fat-based substance. Many people have gotten over their obsession with using butter. Canna-infused olive oil is a super substitute. It is also a much healthier fat. Olive oil might is thought to be the most effective fat-based solvent for full spectrum cannabis extraction.

Once you have your weed oil, you can begin to experiment. If you have made cannna olive oil, this is even more fun.

The great thing about olive oil? It is perfect for what is called a “Mediterranean diet.” THC-infused hummus anyone?

Olive oil may also work with cannabinoids’ terpenes and flavonoids to enhance the impact of both. Using the leaves for your edibles may carry even more positive impact that you bargained for.


Trimmed Cannabis Leaves As Rolling Paper

While this takes some practice, it can be done. There are various techniques. Some people suggest using the fresh leaves. This technique means letting the wrapped bundle “cure” much like a cigar. Others recommend drying the leaves flat before wrapping bud with them. A riff on this is the use of so-called “tobacco blunts” in the U.S. These pre-rolled and shaped tobacco leaves are fairly common throughout the country.


Use The Trimmed Leaves To Make THC-Pills

While cannabis bud will create more potent extractions, it is also important not to let a good thing go to waste! The easiest way to make THC pills is to first make cannabis oil. Then fill pill capsules with them. It is super easy, but it does take a little bit of prep beforehand.

This is one of the best ways to make sure you have access to medication you need. It is unobtrusive. There is no smell once you have sealed the THC oil in the gelatine capsules. They also allow for easy and discreet dosing. Once you get good at making the pills, they look just like any other medication you get in a pharmacy.

Gelatine CapsulesView gelatine capsules


This is also a very good way to begin to experiment with different combinations of marijuana strains without having to buy bud samples. If you live in an area where there is a lot of commercial cultivation, see if you can get any of the local growers to give you (or sell you) their cutting bags of leaves at a lower price.

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