The Top 10 Video Games To Play While High
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The Top 10 Video Games To Play While High

4 min

In this list, we take a look at the top 10 video games to play while high, from shooters to Mario and everything in between. Whether you're a complete novice when it comes to gaming or a seasoned pro, there will no doubt be something for everyone to try out.

Video games are great; there’s no denying their ability to relax you after a hard day at work, or to test your skills with an all-night gaming session with friends. What about playing video games while high? Now we’re talking about something very special.


Here at Zamnesia, we’ve spoken to our resident stoners around the office and got their insight into the top 10 video games to play while high.


We have to begin this list right, and what better way to start than with a bit of Mario Kart? Now, this might not be the classic we know from the SNES or N64 days, but there’s plenty of fun to be had here with friends. This will probably be the only acceptable time in your life to drive while high, so enjoy! If you’ve never driven down Rainbow Road stoned, firing red shells at your friends, you’re not living right. This game is a firm favourite for Jules: "This fast-paced game is absolutely killer to play when baked. Although it may look simple, there are countless ways to challenge and bother your buddies during the race. Perfection!".


As one of the most popular series of all time, the inclusion of this game should surprise no one. Whether you’re an e-sports pro or simply a casual player, you will find much enjoyment in the Call of Duty series. There is honestly nothing like playing with some friends (either online or on the couch), getting baked, and striving for that next unlock or level-up. Lesley will always keep coming back to Call of Duty: "This highly competitive game is my all-time favourite. You’ll have to keep improving to stay ahead of your friends. Weed is my best friend, because it enhances my focus a lot".

Weed is my best friend, because it enhances my focus a lot


Arguably one of the biggest franchises of all time, Grand Theft Auto V allows the player to live out their wildest fantasies as a criminal in an all too accommodating game world. Or, you can simply live your life as a regular citizen in the game; it’s entirely up to you. Either way, this game is best enjoyed on a comfy couch with some fine weed, as Ruud will agree: "GTA is ideal for aimlessly stealing and pimping cars or rampage-mode. Or, you could stick to the rules, stop in front of every traffic light, and help citizens in need. GTA is such a comprehensive game, there is fun for everyone and the game will never become boring. The only thing I need on the weekend is my controller, a big fat blunt, and Grand Theft Auto V".


On paper, this game sounds like a conceptual nightmare and is basically "football with cars". But let us tell you, Rocket League is incredible. If you’re looking for a game that is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, then Rocket League is for you. Whether playing 1v1 or team matches up to 4v4, either in casual or competitive modes, there truly is something for everyone in Rocket League. Thijn would agree: "More focus is exactly what’s needed when playing Rocket League. Because it’s such a fast and intense game, I like to be a bit more chilled-out myself. Things like music, sounds, and colours are all quite different".

Because it’s such a fast and intense game, I like to be a bit more chilled-out myself


How about this game for a throwback? Before light gun classics such as House of the Dead and Time Crisis, there was Duck Hunt. With its colourful and cartoony 8-bit style, this game still holds up in terms of good ol’ fashioned shooting fun. Dust off your old NES, grab your friends, and prepare for fun! Alternatively, you can play Duck Hunt on Wii U, but the original zapper is not compatible. This is Joost’s top pick: "Duck Hunt has something Nostalgic. The smiling hunting dog and I were a great team. Nowadays, the game is ideal to combine with our smoke sessions. The one who loses has to take a big toke off the bong. Guaranteed success and lots of fun!".

The one who loses has to take a big toke off the bong


Whereas the previous titles on this list have had a more competitive, multiplayer focus, this is the only game on our list solely intended to be a single player experience, although you can join a second player during your playthrough. Dive into the atmospheric, surreal, and absorbing world of Journey. Playing as an unnamed, robed character, you will be immersed in its unique setting, making for a chilled gaming experience that can only be enhanced while high. This is Gino’s go-to game: "Amazing to play while in a dreamy state of mind. It totally carries you away in a non-verbal story".


What do you get if you combine pong and the 2D brawling style of Street Fighter II? Well, you get Lethal League—a fast-paced and intense game where the aim is to strike your opponent with a ball that speeds up every time you hit it. This makes for a fast and frantic game you can enjoy with friends time and time again. Good competitive fun to be had here. Teun picked this for several reasons: "The best part of the game, in my opinion, are the characters. During the game, you will develop a love for some of the characters and simultaneously you will have less preference for others. My favourite character is the frog, who has some real froggy tricks up his sleeve. Discover your own favourite character during your smoke session!".

My favourite character is the frog, who has some real froggy tricks up his sleeve


This is an easy pick for our list. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting brawler, look no further than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Do not be fooled by its seemingly "young-looking" aesthetic—this is a game that can hold its own against some of the bigger fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat. With a huge roster of characters to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you try to find one to suit your abilities. The competitive nature of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes for awesome matches between you and your friends. Vince states: "This classic is incredibly fun to play with friends. This in combination with the amazing colours makes it a priceless combo".


The second throwback title on our list is often revered as the best platform game of all time, so Super Mario Bros. needs little introduction. Its seemingly simple design will get you hooked from the moment you sit down to play. Whether you’re having fun on your own or passing the controller between friends, its charming art style and easy controls will forever be timeless. Yet, it’s the music that inspired Clint to choose this classic: "This one is quite old-school, but only the music in this game is worth playing while stoned. It completely catches you, so you can play the game with full focus".

This one is quite old-school, but only the music in this game is worth playing while stoned


The final choice on our list is the fairly recently released Human: Fall Flat. This is a hilarious, physics-based puzzle game that needs to be enjoyed with friends. This game will have you rolling on the floor with hysterics as you and your buddies fail levels numerous times before the solution becomes clear. This is a firm favourite with Rui: "Really fun game to play, especially with friends. If you feel a bit lazy, but still able to solve one of the puzzles, stroll around in one of the premade levels. If you feel really creative and motivated you can create your own level".

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
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