The Top 10 Video Games To Play While High
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The Top 10 Video Games To Play While High

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A list of truly amazing video games that you should definitely try playing while high for an out-of-this-world experience.

Video games and cannabis go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you are looking to take your mind of your daily responsibilities or you're trying to immerse yourself in some fantasy land where you live by your own rules, video games are a great way to relax and have fun in your free time and what goes better with it than some of that sticky-icky. Be it single player or multiplayer, cannabis will enhance your gaming experience to a new level and that is why we are offering you this list to help you choose the best video game for your smoking session. The video games in the list are of different genres and platforms, but all of them great fun and big time consumers. So, in no particular order, the best video games to get high to are:


Fallout 2

Most of you probably expected some of the newer RPG's such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim, but this is the real deal. One of the best RPG's ever made, Fallout 2 is a cornerstone of the genre. A deeply atmospheric post-apocalyptic setting? Check. An immersive plot with unique and wacky characters? Check. Tons of quest, items and locations? Check. The option to hit a prostitute in the groin with a sledgehammer while high on amphetamines and a super-mutant with a laser gatling gun watching your back? Check. The last example goes to show just a small part of the humor in the game and the endless possibilities of it. In Fallout 2, you can do almost anything you want and that's 15 years before GTAV came out.


Terraria videogames

A hidden gem, Terraria is an action-adventure 2D sandbox game. The shortest description would be that it is a 2D version of Minecraft. The player starts out in a procedurally generated world with nothing but an axe, a shortsword, and a pickaxe. And then you start to dig. And dig. And then dig a little more. Although it may sound boring, by digging you collect ores and other materials which help you in creating items and building constructions where only your imagination is the limit. With a huge (under)world to explore and a vast array of monsters, items, and locations, this game is a terrific time consumer, especially with the help of cannabis, so be warned.


Osmos cannabis games

If you are looking for a game to chill out, look no further. This ambient puzzle game seems to be made specially to be played high as a kite. Your goal is to absorb single-celled organisms that are smaller than you by colliding into them. You propel yourself around by ejecting matter making you smaller in return. Dreamlike visuals, an elegant physics-based gameplay, and a wonderful, minimalist, electronic soundtrack make this game a stoner's choice.


Micromachine 2

Multiplayer fun at its best. No more words are needed to describe this video game series, with the second one being the writer's personal favorite. Racing miniature toy cars in a real-life scenery, such as a kitchen or laboratory, while at the same time collecting weapons and power-ups to destroy your competition,what's not to like? It's a tried out recipe, but one with a huge success rating. Prepare for hours and hours of fun and laughter.


Shadow of the Colossus

You play Wander, a young man in a forbidden land who must travel on horseback through a vast landscape and defeat 16 colossi to restore the life of a young girl. As far as action-adventure games go, this one stands out as it has no towns or dungeons, no characters or enemies except Wander and the colossi. It is more of a puzzle game, as each of the colossi has a weakness that must be identified and exploited. The game is a wonderful, emotional and immersive journey and it isn't for nothing that this game is used as an example for the concept of video games as art.


heroes of might and magic 3

Another classic, HoMM3 is a turn-based strategy game whose gameplay is divided into two parts: tactical land exploration and turn-based combat. You control a number of heroes that have an army of creatures from myth and legend at their disposal. Widely praised by critics, its addictive gameplay will have you glued to the monitor for hours. But the best part is multiplayer because you and your friends can play on one computer, waiting out each other turn, which is a great opportunity to hit the pipe or roll another one.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES (Multi-platform)

Plants vs zombies

The best tower defense game there is, period. You control a little garden where you grow plants with faces that are the only thing standing between you and brain-eating zombies. This surreal take on the genre makes for a great gaming experience while stoned, with countless hours of flower-planting, zombie-killing fun.



Journey is an indie blockbuster, where you play a robed figure wandering through a vast desert towards a nameless mountain, which is crowned with a bright pillar of light. Other players on the journey can be discovered and assist each other, but the only form of communication between them is a kind of musical chime. It won several „game of the year“ awards and it is an audio-visual masterpiece. Moving beyond the typical kill/loot/repeat game mentality, this game is a work of art and will leave you with a sense of awe and wonder.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V (Multi-platform)

GTA 5 cannabis games

This list would be incomplete without this game, especially considering you can get high on some Chronic in-game while getting high on some Chronic in real life. Known even by people who aren't interested in video games, due to the fact that it is the fastest selling entertainment product in history, earning 800 million US dollars on the first day and 1 billion in its first three days. An open world action-adventure game where you control the three main characters through a sequence of heists and one of the most detailed open worlds there is, with almost endless possibilities.

HEARTHSTONE (Multi-platform)


A free-to-play online collectible card game, Hearthstone is currently Blizzard Entertainment's most popular product, with over 50 million players worldwide. You collect cards with which you battle other players over the internet, in what seems to be an almost perfect combination of chess and poker, of skill and luck. The game only needs a mouse to be played, so you have always one hand free for other important things.



Written by: Ante
Enjoying the warm climate of the Mediterranean, Ante is an organic grower with a keen interest in breeding. When not writing, he is working on developing a hybrid to call his own.

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