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The Top 20 Drugs Used Around The World

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There are a lot of drugs out there, and thanks to the Global Drugs Survey, we now know what the top 20 of 2014 were.

About this time last year, the Global Drug Survey was well under way, collecting anonymous data on global drug trends from anyone who was willing to give up a bit of their time. It is one of the biggest and most comprehensive surveys into drug use, and is used by scientists, politicians and charities to help shape their knowledge.

Well, the 2014 results are in, and amongst them are the top 20 drugs used across the world for that year. Before we give you the list, it is worth mentioning that the sample size this data is taken from is 78,819, and the figures for each drug represents the percentage of prevalence within the sample.


20. Poppers (3.8)
19. Ritalin (3.9)
18. Electronic THC (3.9)
17. Mystery White Powder (4.7)
16. Ketamine (5.7)
15. Caffeine Tablets (6.2)
14. Nitrous Oxide (6.3)
13. Benzodiazepines (7.8)
12. Opioid Painkillers (8.7)
11. LSD (10.1)
10. Magic Mushrooms (10.6)
9. Amphetamines - in all forms of preparation (11.7)
8. Electronic Cigarettes (12.3)
7. Cocaine (16.4)
6. Shisha Tobacco (18.5)
5. MDMA – in all forms of preparation (23.4)
4. Caffeinated Energy Drinks (45.9)
3. Cannabis – in all forms of preparation (48.2)
2. Tobacco (56.7)
1. Alcohol – (90.8)

Quite unsurprisingly, alcohol and tobacco come in at number one and two respectively. They both hold a large sway over modern culture, with it being stranger if you don’t drink alcohol than if you do in some places. It is sad to see such a harmful substance take the number one spot, especially when compared to much more friendly substances like cannabis.

Something that we did find quite surprising, and worrying, is the amount of people using mystery white powders. Even at such a small number, it is still an alarming amount. Taking drugs when you have no idea what they contain is always a risk, even drugs like MDMA and cocaine. Blatantly taking drugs where not even one ingredient is known is just asking for trouble!

We will be very interested to see how to 2015 survey turns out, and how it differs from last year. Let’s hope the ending cannabis prohibition sees a rise in cannabis use and a decrease in alcohol!

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