The First Ever Online Transaction Was A Drug Deal

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The First Ever Online Transaction Was A Drug Deal

The internet is a wonderful thing that has become integral in nearly everyone’s life. Yet it was not always so. The first ever thing sold on this web of information may come as a surprise (or not!).

The internet is a pretty big deal, right? It has brought the world together, allowing people across the globe to connect to each other and share information in mere seconds. It has revolutionised modern life, and is now an integral part of our existence, especially for the generations who do not know life without it.

One major function of the internet is a place to conduct commerce. No matter where you are, if you can connect to the internet, you can buy pretty much anything you can imagine. If you can’t find the specific item you are looking for, you can find someone to make it, the possibilities are limitless! Heck, we certainly wouldn’t be here without it!

So what was the world’s first ever internet transaction? According to the Guardian newspaper, in the early 70’s, some pioneering students from Stanford University and MIT set up and made the first ever internet transaction. What did one student sell to the other? A bag of weed of course!

So the next time you hop on eBay or Amazon (or Zamnesia!) from the middle of nowhere, remember that it was a group of students, stuck in a lab somewhere, that first managed what you now have the luxury of doing when and where you please – all for a bag of weed.