Strain Review: Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Strain Review: Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)

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As the name suggests, Power Flower by Royal Queen Seeds packs a real punch! We took a closer look at some of her finer points to how well she lives up to the name.

Power Flower from Royal Queen Seeds is a heavy hitter whose genetics first made its way onto the scene in the 90's. Coming in at 88%, this sativa dominant strain will give you a clear headed high without grounding you to the couch. The spicy, heavily aromatic buds maintain the traits of its South African heritage while producing exceptional yields. In a little as eight weeks, you too can grow one of Amsterdam's most popular cannabis varieties.


Power Flower has its origins in South Africa. Bred from pure African sativa, Power Flower is Royal Queen Seeds' version of the famous Power Plant that gained notoriety for its potency in the coffee shops around Amsterdam in the late 90's. Once it made its way to the Netherlands, it became a popular staple of the Amsterdam coffee houses.

Power Flower is a great strain for getting high yields in a minimal amount of time. You can harvest fully mature flowers in as little as 56 days. Power Flower won't stretch out inside, which can be a big benefit to indoor growers. You can expect yields of up to 600g per square meter indoors. Outdoors this strain can grow as high as 160 to 200cm with yields reaching as much as 550g per plant. Maintaining your canopy and carefully pruning your Power Flower will redirect its energy upwards resulting in fuller, denser buds. Some growers have reported an increase in cola size by as much as four to six inches just from a simple bottom prune.

Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)

Power Flower is a very durable plant that can thrive in virtually any environment. It is resilient to the negative effects of topping and super-cropping making it easy to control its size. It demonstrates the typical sativa characteristic of not requiring as much feeding resulting in lower EC's than you may be using now. Power Flower can also do well in slightly higher temperatures but not to exceed 28 degrees. If ever there was a strain that could adapt to its environment, it's Power Flower. This trait makes it a great strain for newer growers who don't want to worry about fine tuning their environment.

With a mature Power Flower, you can expect to see anywhere from two to five nice size colas filled with light green buds. Coming it at over 19% percent THC, you are bound to see nice crystalline trichome covering the bud and spilling out onto the surrounding sugar leaf. All in all, Power Flower is an easy strain to grow that doesn't require a ton of maintenance. It produces a heavy hitting, high THC smoke that some even say can be too intense. If you are looking for something new for your garden but haven't decided what to add, Power Flower is guaranteed to satisfy.


Power Flower has a very earthy flavor, reminiscent of many skunk strains. It first hits you as spicy but as you exhale, you can detect savory sweet overtones. The taste is subtly satisfying. Some describe it as lightly fruity with a heavy cerebral buzz. Not overwhelming in the least, Power Flower's aroma and taste combine resulting in a pleasant and disarming experience; perhaps the calm before the storm. Overall, Power Flower should appeal to anyone who enjoys spicy, skunky and sweet flavors.


Make no mistake about it. Power Flower will hit you like a ton of bricks. Exceptionally cerebral in nature, the high THC content really hits home in this 88% sativa dominant non-hybrid. Power Flower produces a high that is uplifting and energetic. It is great for getting up and getting moving on your day with little to no mental lag or haze. Many people are turning to cannabis for chronic pain relief and for that Power Flower is a great choice. When smoked, the buzz hits you right away. Many people who become anxious when smoking sativas have reported that Power Flower doesn't produce the same overwhelmingly tense experience.

Being a heavy sativa dominant strain, Power Flower will take those creative types to new heights. With little to know indica influence, the high is concentrated in the mind and less in the body. Users of this strain unanimously report the high is about as intense as the cannabis experience can get. If you are an indica consumer, take it slow with this one. You don't want to over do it. It is always important to know your strains and know your self when it comes to how much you take in. Your safety is always priority number one.


Royal Queen Seeds' take on this Amsterdam classic is a potent strain that heavy sativa lovers will embrace. Power Flower is as close to a pure sativa as they come. With genetics that come from South Africa, it is a rugged plant that is easy to grow in virtually any environment. With the ability to grow in above and below average temperatures, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The strain produces big, light green nuggets with a heavy pungent aroma. At 19% THC and low CBD, Power Flower produces a cerebral high that will keep you on track and not bog you down. So if you're looking for a strain that's simple to cultivate and produces a high yield of quality sativa, Power Flower is an excellent way to go.


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