Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies
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Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies is a relatively new strain that has taken the Californian market by storm. Some, especially within the medical market, have not heard of its superior traits. So what is the deal...

... behind this sought after strain?

Whilst Girl Scout Cookies initially set the cannabis community in California ablaze, its popularity has seen it quickly jump over the pond all the way to Europe. It is now held with a great deal of regard over here as well, and can be found in the personal stash of more than one connoisseur.

Girl Scout Cookies derives its popularity from more than one factor. But first and foremost, the strain boasts some extremely high quality genetics that have produced a solid foundation for the strain. The popularity has then been further increased by the controversy and pop culture that has emerged around it. The rapper and Bay Area collective owner „Berner“ has frequently rapped about those infamous Girls Scout Cookies in his songs. Berner appears frequently alongside the YouTube sensation Wiz Kalifa, which further helped to boost the name of the strain.

Although the origin of Girl Scout Cookies is somewhat shrouded in mystery, it is generally accepted that Pie Guy was the original creator, and created it by mixing OG Kush with F1 Durban. The strain has not been around a great deal of time, and still needs has a small amount of refinement to fully stabilise it. As a result, there are many variations and phenotypes available on the market, as breeders take it and make it their own.

Check out his youtube video of the breeder explaining the genetic lineage of the real Girl Scout Cookies:

Let‘s get to the flavour and taste; the strain has a sweet, yet earthy taste and aroma. Many compare it to that of OG Kush and believe it is in fact even more Kush-like than many other OG Kush phenotypes. Along with the earthy sweet, diesel flavour, there are some floral hints and undertones within the smoke. It induces a euphoric, uplifting and contemplative high. It can easily get you spaced out, sitting on the couch and pondering the world around you. These qualities make for a good outdoor smoke, sitting in the park, enjoying the sun, and watching the world go by. Testing has shown the THC content of Girl Scout cookies to be in excess of 20%, and the CBD content to hover around 0.5%. That‘s quite a load of THC, so novice smokers; prepare for takeoff.

When grown, Girl Scout Cookies tends to be small in stature, although the many phenotypes on the market mean there can be a lot of variation. However, generally speaking, Girl Scout Cookies has a flowering time of 55-63 days, and produces abundant and heavy yields of some really outstanding bud – if you are looking for something new and exotic, give Girl Scout Cookies a go.

And don‘t fall for cheap copies or counterfeits; the real deal is delivered from the Cali Connection

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