Stoner Movie Review: The Big Lebowski
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Stoner Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

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The Dude abides; he certainly does. The Big Lebowski is a stoner classic. Unintentionally, The Dude get's mixed up in a lot of crazy stuff. Check it out.

The Dude, Duder or El Duderiño is the star of the show. He is our everyday stoner hero, relaxing and takin’ it easy for all us sinners. Many tumultuous events arise in the duration of the film, but The Dude always keeps it cool.

You know those movies that just keep getting better and better every time you watch them? Well, The Big Lebowski is no exception. The well thought-out mix of different characters makes a perfect cocktail, that The Dude can’t keep his hands away from. The Dude has several hobbies, Tai-Chi, smoking weed, wearing sweatpants, and, of course, bowling with his mates Walter and Donny.

This impeccable masterpiece created by the Coen Brothers generated a legendary classic, that shall roam for decades to come. Details of the plot need not concern us, although just to tickle your curiosity, you can expect a kidnapping, naked bohemian artist, lots of bowling, Malibu police, nihilist porn stars, stolen cars and lots of White Russian cocktails. The Dude (Jeff Bridges) has become more than just the main character. In a metaphysical transformation, Jeff Bridges has become The Dude. When he received an Oscar in 2010, Twitter users felt overwhelming sadness because Jeff didn't start his speech with "The Dude abides", which has become an emblematic phrase used by stoners and Lebowski fans.


The Dude is a man that left politics behind and flows through life, embracing Zen and getting baked with an occasional spliff. The contrast between The Dude's chilled attitude and the tumultuous events flavours the plot. Walter Sobchak (John Goodman), the Shomer Shabbos war veteran is another embodiment of this contrast, when he takes the heists into his own hands while trying to keep composure. Some of his plans backfire, some of them are spot-on brilliant, but one thing is for sure, his aggression and great acting stands paramount in the film’s brilliance. There is a great scene, which the internet’s meme oompa loompas made viral; the scene takes place in the bowling alley when Walter pulls out a gun and screams "Am I the only one around here! ... (insert a phrase about anything). Donny Kerabatsos (Steve Buscemi), stands on the sidelines of The Dude and Walter, but enjoys being a part of the gang.

It's impossible to talk about The Dude's predicament without mentioning his beloved rug, that gets pissed on and stolen; "it really ties the room together", according to The Dude and Walter. In an intriguing side-plot-like way, the rug plays a prevalent part. From Jesus Quintana (John Turturro), the creepy Latino co-bowler with a long ponytail and hairnet, to nihilist porn stars attacking The Dude with a ferret and threatening to cut off his Johnson, the plot of the movie is absolutely bizarre, but it's impeccably tied together in a comprehensive chaotic momentum.

I have seen the movie about 4 times now. It’s a classic that all stoners love, because of the chillness that The Dude exudes. There is a pervading cannabis theme throughout, making the situations The Dude and gang get into highly humourous for those who enjoy a bit of Haze; you will struggle to keep a straight face.

For those who take The Dude’s message to heart, there is a website called, which is a "religious organization" that embodies The Dude and his practices, and helps people become as Zen as The Dude. Anyway, if you dislike the film, which I doubt you will, I will quote The Dude "Well, that’s just like, your opinion man". So, watch it, enjoy, and remember, The Dude abides.



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