Smell-Proof (Weed) Bags For On The Go
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Smell-Proof (Weed) Bags For On The Go

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Take your weed out of that plastic bag, or get your stash out of that shoebox; it's time to learn all about smell-proof bags. These accessories should be on every smoker's radar. Made to fit your gear and strains, these portable products are perfect for getting your weed from point A to point B. Or, you can keep them at home!

There's no getting around the fact that weed carries a unique odour. While this scent is welcome in many circumstances (especially when you're smoking with friends), for the most part, masking the unmistakable smell of cannabis is of the utmost importance. Though it's necessary in many homes, keeping the smell under wraps is arguably most vital when we're on the move. It might seem a challenging task, but smell-proof bags are your best option when looking to transport your weed discreetly. In this article, we'll give you a breakdown of how these bags can help, followed by five products that are more than cut out for the job.

What are smell-proof bags?

What Are Smell-Proof Bags?

Thanks to a special lining, smell-proof bags don't just mask the odours that cannabis produces, but actually prevent any smell from escaping. Many are also equipped to keep UV light from tainting your stash. Moreover, these bags typically come with several compartments for pre-rolled joints, accessories, and a host of other cannabis products. Simply put, any serious stoner on the move can benefit from a reliable and convenient smell-proof bag as part of their gear. That said, even homebodies will find that smell-proof bags make an excellent low-profile storage option.

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Best smell-proof bags for travelling with weed

Now that you know what to expect from smell-proof bags, which one is best for your needs? To help you answer that question, we've selected five products that are sure to cater to all manner of cannabis users. Not only are they versatile and effective, but they're also budget-friendly. So, if you're in the market for something to keep your weed classified, read on and discover our hotlist of smell-proof bags.

1. Smell-Proof Puff Pouch

Smell-Proof Puff Pouch.

First on our list is Zamnesia's take on the smell-proof bag. This pouch has five layers, consisting of nylon mesh, foam, activated carbon, carbon fibre cloth, and 600D shell fabric, meaning any pungent scents are kept well and truly under wraps. Measuring 17 × 13.5cm, its handy pocket size means it can be transported with ease, and can effortlessly slip into any backpack when on the go. Not only rating high on masking odours, the Smell-Proof Puff Pouch is also water-resistant, so you needn't worry about your stash getting ruined by the elements! Fill this bag with your finest strains, coffee, or even post-workout gym clothes (maybe not all at the same time) and marvel at how much the aromatic scent doesn't escape!

2. RAW Weekender Travel Bag

RAW Weekender Travel Bag.

Planning that weekend away? Whether camping or visiting a city, your journey simply won't be complete without some of your favourite weed by your side. The RAW Weekender Travel Bag offers ample room for your herb and all of your accessories, such as rolling papers and lighters, and you might even find enough space for a small pipe too! Not only spacious, the RAW Weekender Travel Bag also ensures your stash is protected, featuring six layers of smell-proof material that will prevent anyone from being privy to your herbal habits. It's even water-resistant, just in case you get caught in the rain by the campfire!

3. Heat Sealable Odour-Proof Bags

Heat Sealable Odour-Proof Bags.

A little different from the other products on our list, the Heat Sealable Odour-Proof Bags are positioned as more of a long-term solution to storing your weed. These bags provide an airtight environment for your weed and are completely odourless, making for a stealthy stash option. They also protect your herb from harmful UV light too! All you need to do is fill the bag with your chosen strain and then run a heated iron over the top to thoroughly seal it. It really is as simple as that! Whether you're looking to use your stash in a few days or a few months, these Heat Sealable Odour-Proof Bags are an unrivalled choice for weed storage.

4. RAW Smokers Pouch

RAW Smokers Pouch.

Keep all of your smoking accessories and weed in one place with the RAW Smokers Pouch. This bag features designated areas for safely storing all of your smoking equipment, minimising the risk of losing any precious gear. With plenty of room, load it up, zip it up, and you're ready. Featuring the standard five layers of odour-proof materials, your supplies won't raise an eyebrow when walking through a populated area. This bag provides peace of mind, and is even water-resistant to boot. Not only offering superb functionality, the bag is also decorated with the unmistakable RAW logo, giving it a premium appearance.

5. RAW Pre-Rawlet

RAW Pre-Rawlet.

Last on our list is the RAW Pre-Rawlet. This low-profile bag could very well be mistaken for a glasses case, and measures just 12.7 × 5.7cm. It's an amazingly discreet product perfect for transporting papers, weed, and other accessories. Or, if you prefer to have things ready to go, you can pre-roll some joints and place them inside. This bag fits comfortably into your jacket pocket or backpack for instant access. Moreover, the RAW Pre-Rawlet features a reinforced exterior with a wax-coated fabric for extra protection. Couple these factors with the standard odour-proof interior, and you have a bag ready for any occasion.

Enjoy peace of mind on the move

Enjoy Peace Of Mind On The Move.

As you can see, the choices for smell-proof bags are pretty vast, and we've only just begun to scratch the surface of what's available for cannabis enthusiasts. If you've been looking for a safe, convenient, and reliable way to transport or store your weed, these bags offer a dependable option that's unlikely to turn any heads. To pick up a bag for yourself (or as a gift for someone else), head over to the Zamnesia store to browse an array of premium-quality products.

Zamnesia is an otherworldly expert in all things cannabis and psychedelic. Combining that specialist knowledge with hours of scrupulous research, Zamnesia creates outstanding content around the clock. Thanks to their divine personality, we're proud to say Zamnesia has become our ear-to-the-ground for everything to do with mind-altering substances.
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