New Research: No Link Between Cannabis Use And Depression

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New Research: No Link Between Cannabis Use And Depression

Cannabis makes you depressed? Not according to science!

New research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that there is no link between cannabis use and the occurrence of major depression.

In their research, this global team of scientist outline how they conducted a three year study assessing the association between cannabis use and the onset of major depressive disorder, as well bipolar disorder. What they found was rather interesting.

Firstly, with the longitudinal data they collected, they found that the onset of MDD was no higher in cannabis users than non-cannabis users. What we found really interesting about their results though, was that whilst cannabis use doesn’t appear to lead to MDD, MDD does appear to lead to increased cannabis use, with many MDD suffers self-medicating.

What this means is that the previously believed theory that cannabis causes depression could actually be the inverse – that actually, those suffering from depression tend to seek out cannabis. It is a prime example of how assuming correlation means causation can be flipped on its head.

Of course, this is just one study; but it sheds light on a potential flaw in some anti-cannabis assumptions, and certainly opens up the gates for further investigation into the area.