Medical Cannabis to Be Legalized Down Under
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Medical Cannabis to Be Legalized Down Under

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Come this November, medical marijuana is going to be legalized Down Under. It could change a lot for the nation, and brings progress.

Countries everywhere are embracing cannabis. Being that the public perception of the plant is ever-evolving, legalization is happening all over the world. In fact, come this November, medical marijuana is going to be legalized Down Under. That's right, soon patients in Australia will be able to benefit from this fantastic herb.


Though recreational cannabis will remain illegal, Australian lawmakers gave a thumbs up to legalize medical cannabis come this November. However, as expected, there will be a strict set of rules and regulations regarding its use. Nevertheless, to say that this year has been unusual in Australia would be an understatement.

Remember at the beginning of the year, when that sloth campaign was released and made headlines? In time, something much bigger than some ugly sloth occurred. In fact, February marked the month that the Australian government made changes to the country's Narcotic Drugs Act. Not to mention, this move gave the ok to grow cannabis for research and medical purposes.

In the present time, the Australian government has completed some pretty important decisions regarding medical marijuana. Moreover, an announcement came saying that a highly regulated form of medical cannabis is to be legally available beginning in November. Being that this new substance will be highly controlled, only patients with a prescription will be able to take it. In regards to its medical benefits, the drug will apparently be able to help with inflammatory bowel disease. Likewise, it will help relieve migraines and give appetite to HIV patients that lack one.


In the movement to legalize medical cannabis in Australia, leading Activist Lucy Haslam played a key role. In fact, her decision to lead the move came from the tragic loss of her son, who suffered from bowel cancer. Daniel, in fact, relied on medical cannabis to ease the pain and nausea that came with his illness. Though Haslam called the government's decision to legalize medical cannabis an “essential step in the process", she and other advocates say it might not be enough.

Despite many people in the community seeing this change as something positive, there are still plenty of concerns in regards to the rules, specifically, that they won't do enough for patients. In fact, advocates say that many medical patients are caught up in a "holding pattern", even after the announcement. Though medical marijuana will technically be legal this November, the health care system has yet to be set up. With this in mind, experts claim that it could take a lot longer than expected for the government to set everything up.

In like manner, other individuals have voiced their concerns, arguing that the new system might be too difficult to navigate. Haslam, in particular, is worried that the system will be "so bound up in red tape" that it won't work. Likewise, she's worried that those patients won't have access to the medicine they need.

“My fear is that the industry will become so expensive that patients won’t be able to obtain a legal supply at an affordable price. There’s also a lot of work to do on educating people and doctors, some of who remain a bit uncomfortable about prescribing medical cannabis to patients.”


Although the medical cannabis system is going to be highly regulated, the fact that individuals will be able to grow and produce the plant is a reason to celebrate. Not to mention, there's the chance to bring in million of dollars to the country. All in all, legalizing for medical use is an essential step towards full legalization of the herb. In due time, we will find out just how effective Australia's medical cannabis system is. Moreover, how easily patients can access their medicine.

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