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What Is Jelly Hash And How Do You Make It?

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Besides regular weed, many cannabis concentrates are available. A very interesting one is jelly hash. Besides its distinctive aroma, several other benefits make it very popular among all sorts of cannabis users. Moreover, it's easy to make within the comfort of your own home. Here's how!

Why limit yourself to regular weed when there are so many interesting cannabis concentrates out there? A great example is jelly hash, which is very popular among medical and recreational cannabis users for various reasons. Moreover, it’s quite easy to make at home by following our step-by-step guide. Find out all there is to know about jelly hash, and exactly why this substance is so appealing.


What Is Jelly Hash?

Although not widely familiar, jelly hash has proven to be one of the most potent types of cannabis concentrates available. This form of hash, which is usually a mixture of bubble hash and hash oil, is extremely powerful as both are derived from the trichomes of the cannabis plant.

Hash oil is commonly extracted with butane oil, or another solvent, to harness as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible. Bubble hash, on the other hand, is produced by mechanical means using ice water and bubble bags. This results in a more solid, yet still very potent, type of hash.

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Jelly hash is a perfect cannabis concentrate for those who like to experiment with making their own concoctions at home. The general rule of thumb is that jelly hash should consist of 80% bubble hash and 20% hash oil or honey oil, but this ratio varies depending on individual preferences. Making your own concoction, it will probably take a few attempts to achieve the perfect ratio.


What Are The Benefits Of Jelly Hash?

As a concentrate, there must be additional benefits to smoking jelly hash compared to regular weed, right?

Let us lay them out for you.


The extraordinary effectiveness of jelly hash is illustrated by the fact that it is favoured by medical and casual marijuana users alike. Given its high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, jelly hash provides swift, strong effects well-suited to those who require more-potent doses. Moreover, because this type of hash is low in plant matter, it is generally easier on the lungs than regular bud or hash.


In contrast to some other types of concentrates, the maximum benefit can be achieved from jelly hash by simply smoking it. The solid yet mouldable nature of this hash makes it a good candidate for adding to a bong or joint. You can smoke the hash by itself, or you can mix it with regular bud to stretch your supply further.


Not at all unimportant, jelly hash is known to have quite an earthy and robust aroma. This enjoyable flavour, combined with the swift and intense high, is what makes the experience so uniquely enjoyable.


Which Cannabis Strains Are Best For Making Jelly Hash?

If you are looking for the best strains to make jelly hash with, it’s time to get sticky! The biggest amount of hash per gram of weed can be produced with buds that contain a lot of resin. That means you should look for the stickiest buds you can find!

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How Do You Make Jelly Hash?

Follow our step-by-step guide to making your own jelly hash, but remember that it may take multiple attempts to attain the ideal balance between hash oil and bubble hash. It’s a process of trial and error, but practice makes perfect. The oil to bubble hash ratio was rumoured to have been 1:3 when it was first introduced during the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. This will be the reference point for our recipe.


  • 3 parts unpressed, powdered bubble hash
  • 1 part butane hash oil (BHO) or honey oil
  • Large spoon, such as a cooking/soup spoon or small metal/glass container
  • Torch lighter
  • Glass or stainless steel mixing rod
  • Sealable plastic bag


  1. Heat the oil: Take the spoon/container and carefully pour the oil into it. Take the lighter and hold it approximately 2.5cm beneath the spoon to heat the oil. Make sure you do this carefully to avoid burning the oil.

  2. Add the bubble hash: Once the oil is heated up and barely smoking, you can start adding the powdered bubble hash in very small amounts at a time using the mixing rod. Pay close attention to how the mixture changes; first looking like a gooey, thick brown syrup, it will change into a consistency more similar to molasses or caramel before finally adopting the jelly texture. Once all of the bubble hash is fully mixed in, you can stop heating it. However, keep stirring for a while as it starts to cool down.

  3. Cool it down: Wait until the mixture has cooled down enough for you to carefully touch it. Once it’s ready, you can move it into the plastic bag. Place it in the freezer for approximately 2–3 minutes so you can easily mould it into your shape of preference. Voila!

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How Strong Is Jelly Hash?

To test the waters, we recommend using the standard 1:3 ratio of hash oil to bubble hash as its effects can be surprisingly strong. Reportedly, the hit comes on quite fast, although a soft and mellow come-down follows. For an intensified body high, most users build up to a 1:7 or even 1:9 ratio over time.

Offering an opportunity to broaden your horizons with a more profound cannabis experience, jelly hash is one of the least expensive and most efficient ways to enjoy the essential compounds of this magical plant.

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Steven Voser
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