Jamaica Plants It's First Legal Cannabis

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Jamaica Plants It's First Legal Cannabis

What a historic day for Jamaica, the first legal cannabis plant has finally been planted in Jamaican soil.

Very recently, the Jamaican government moved to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, as well as make it easier for medical patients to get the green medicine they need. Well, the country has just taken another great step forward, planting the first ever legal cannabis plant within the campus of one of their universities.

The move comes as a result of the Jamaican government granting The University of the West Indies a license to grow and cultivate cannabis for medical research purposes. There are plans for a similar licence to be granted to Jamaica’s University of Technology.


What makes this move so significant, and different from other countries where cannabis can be grown for research purposes, is that the government is hoping the move will set a pace that will eventually lead to the full blown development of a medical marijuana industry within the country. When giving a statement on the matter, Philip Paulwell, Science Minister, said, “I want to know when you start to do the experimentation, and what is found in the plant. We have to start this way, so that we can set the stage for full commercialisation”.

Justice Minister Mark Golding, who was present at the ceremonial planting stated: “Now that they can actually cultivate for research purposes, we can expect that the outcomes of the endeavours will be more profound, and with the economic opportunities that this will bring, we see this as part of what, I hope, will be a transformational industry for Jamaica.”

It is another promising story shedding light on the increasing global acceptance of marijuana. The future looks bright, let’s just hope Europe decides to follow.