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Is Vertical Cultivation The Cannabis Growing Trend?

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A cannabis growing trend that could save you money and space, sounds almost too good to be true. We explain why vertical cultivation could be the way forward for everyone from large to small scale growers.

Cannabis leaf t-shirts, gas mask bongs, and fluorescent weed memorabilia are just some of the trends that have culminated from the world of marijuana. However, just like our cliched cannabis leaf t-shirts, not all trends should have taken off. What if there was a trend that was worth some attention and interest?

Vertical cultivation could be just that. On paper, it sounds almost too good to be true. Often one of the major blockers for growing cannabis is the sheer volume of space required to establish a well maintained growing environment. Even more so if you wish to branch out from just a few plants. Instead of spreading out the idea is to stack your cannabis plants on top of each other. Like a holy pillar of weed. Ideal when limited by space or even ideal if space is a virtue, vertical cultivation can help cut costs of growing indoors. With this increasingly popular method of growing catching on amongst amateur growers, what does the logistics of vertical cultivation look like and how does it work?

How Does Vertical Cultivation Work?

Simply put, you are stacking cannabis plants on shelves above each other. Each plant is fed and watered in a similar way to a hydroponic system. Essential nutrients and oxygenated water are supplied via a series of pipework fed by pumps. Each plant is supported using an inert medium like clay pellets or perlite. With nearly all the basic requirements of your cannabis plant covered, one of the most important factors is light. This is where vertical cultivation excels.

Cylindrical hydroponic-based systems are proving to be one of the most popular choices when adopting this growing style. With the plants stacked around a central light, you can provide this much-needed component with significantly lower costs. In a cylindrical set-up, one light can feed a larger number of plants saving you energy and space. With inspiration taken from the sea of green method, clones are used, although the key to large yields lies in using a large number of cuttings.

Why Should You Choose Vertical Cultivation?

Despite what sounds like a complicated setup, even small-scale growers can take advantage. The first and most immediate benefit to this grow setup is the cost. Whilst setting up a hydroponic system may take an initial outlay, the reduced “running costs” of this growing environment make up for it. By running costs we mean the energy used throughout the growing cycle. Lighting even just a few plants and ensuring they have the correct coverage can be a costly experience. By stacking the plants and suspending a light, you can supply this vital source to more plants with fewer bulbs.

Not only is there an energy saving to be had, but a space saving too. It can be built in a way that an area only large enough for a few plants could double or even triple in capacity. With a return on investment an obvious focus for small-scale growers this can make cannabis significantly more profitable and worthwhile. Not only that but even if you are only growing a couple of plants for personal use, even the most cramped of apartments could be suitable. Whatever your scenario there are certainly some key benefits to adopting this emerging growing environment.



Written by: Luke
Luke is a part-time writer and full-time visionary. An anonymous psychonaut blending into society with his suit and tie, he works to bring evidence-based rationality to the masses.

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