International Cannabis Awards 2024 — Zamnesia Wins Big!
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International Cannabis Awards 2024 — Zamnesia Wins Big!

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On the 13th of March, 2024, the prestigious International Cannabis Awards took place in Barcelona. This event has been referred to as the Oscars of the cannabis world, and for good reason. With so many coveted prizes up for grabs, Zamnesia had to get in on the action. But how well did we do? Read on to find out all about it.

Often referred to as the Oscars of the cannabis world, the 2024 International Cannabis Awards (ICA) ceremony took place in the historic La Llotja de Mar, also known as the Barcelona Stock Exchange, on the 13th of March. Here, representatives from the world's leading cannabis companies gathered from all over the globe to see if they could take home the coveted prize in their category. As you might have guessed by this point, Zamnesia was also nominated! With that said, allow us to bring you up to speed on the results of this year's ceremony.

What are the International Cannabis Awards?

What Are The International Cannabis Awards?

While we've provided an overview of what the event entails, why is it such a big deal in the cannabis industry? Born out of Northern California, and spearheaded by Dani Walton, a highly accomplished and well-respected cannabis entrepreneur, the International Cannabis Awards are all about honouring leaders and innovators in our industry. Partnering with big European companies such as Planta Sur and BBG Projects, the ceremony is one of the cannabis industry’s biggest media events, and anybody who's anybody is sure to make an appearance.

This year, the event took place in La Llotja de Mar, playing host to loads of top industry professionals and cannabis enthusiasts. Complete with its unique green carpet, main and interview stages, and included dinner and drinks, let's just say this was one cannabis party you didn't want to miss out on. The event was also live-streamed, so if you couldn't make it personally, you could still keep track of the action!

Categories & awards

Categories & Awards

So, what's at stake? There are many different categories to win, such as Best Nutrient, Best Seed Bank, and Best Strains and Concentrates, to name just a few. But how is it decided who takes home the top prize? Well, not only is there a selection of US and EU judges present to determine the outcome of some categories, but the vote is also open to the public! The months leading up to the event saw plenty of cannabis fans flocking to the ICA website to vote for their favourites for specific awards.

Here's a list of the Cannabis & Concentrates categories:
Outdoor Strain
Indoor Strain
Greenhouse Strain
Autoflowering Strain
Solvent - BHO
Solventless - Rosin
Solventless - Hash

The other categories are as follows:
Best Nutrient
Best Lighting Company
Best Rolling Paper
Best Portable Vaping Device
Best Seed Bank/Breeder
Best Ventilation
Best Online Seed Shop

Best Online Seed Shop 2024: Zamnesia

Best Online Seed Shop 2024: Zamnesia

Now, here's the big news. Not only was Zamnesia nominated for the Best Online Seed Shop of 2024, but we actually took home the prize! Winning this category feels like a huge achievement for us. It is always noteworthy when we receive a coveted award like this. As a company that strives to deliver high-quality products and customer service, this prize is the icing on the cake and validates what we do every single day. However, we couldn't have done it alone. It's our loyal customers that are truly responsible for this win, and we couldn't be more grateful. So thank you!

But as with all awards we receive, the hard work doesn't end there; it's certainly not a case of “job done”. It's great to be recognised, but it also pushes Zamnesia to continue to be the best in our field. However, that's not to say that we didn't enjoy our name being announced; there were definitely some big celebrations throughout the night as Zammi and co made the most of Barcelona and its many offerings. We'll most certainly be back to check out the International Cannabis Awards in 2025, that's for sure.


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A big thank you from Zamnesia

A Big Thank You From Zamnesia

We've said it once, but we'll say it again: thank you so much to all who voted for Zamnesia as the Best Online Seed Shop 2024. We really could not have done it without each and every vote. Genuinely. As for us, we'll strive to continue delivering the same great products and service you've come to expect, as well as a few surprises along the way. So don't worry; we're not going anywhere after this win! But if you want to know how we managed it, head over to the Zamnesia online store and take your pick of the finest products around!

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