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CBD is increasingly popular as an additive or health supplement. The great news? It is easy to extract at home. Just like THC, it can be dissolved from the bud and plant leaves into fat and alcohol based liquids. Then all you need is your imagination!

Eating your cannabinoids is quickly becoming a popular way to consume them. Medical patients, for one, often turn to this method of consumption. However, beyond illness, more and more people are adding CBD to their normal diet as a valuable plant-supplement. Fitness focussed folks are also adding CBD to their diets as part of overall wellness routines.

Like other cannabinoids, CBD is not water soluble. This means it has to be extracted from the plant using either a fat or alcohol-based substance.

And here is the good news. You extract it from the cannabis plant more or less in the same ways as other cannabinoids.


The Rise Of CBD Extractions

CBD oil has zoomed into a global spotlight over the last four years. This is because of the efficacy of the cannabinoid in treating certain severe medical conditions. However these days, that is not the only place you will find CBD. The other place it is also popular these days? The athletic and sports community, and those looking to boost wellness through dietry supplements. Here, just like everywhere else, it is used either by itself or in capsules.

It is also a popular addition to food.

Just like THC, the best extraction fats are butter, olive and coconut oil. CBD is showing up in either “health drinks” if not other canna-cuisine of the non-psychoactive variety. As people are learning about the benefits of CBD, they are getting creative. Extracting the CBD with an alcohol-based substance can create other options for use.

CBD-infused wheat-grass shot anyone?


The choice of how to extract your CBD really depends on personal choice. The extraction medium does not seem to affect how cannabinoids work once they encounter the human body. Further, CBD can be either internally or topically consumed to have both medical and overall health effect.

Ultimately, the decision about which route to go also depends on what you are going to do with the CBD. If you are going to make your own capsules, oil is generally the best choice. It is also very good for adding to any baked or cooked food.

When extracting CBD into an alcohol-based tincture, this is better for consuming without cooking. This is because heat can burn off both cannabinoids and alcohol. Alcohol-based extractions are great for use in drinks (from smoothies to tea).


Just like THC, CBD is extracted by placing bud and trim (including leaves) into just simmering oil or fat over a long period of time (hours). The CBD seeps from the flower into the oil. Just like THC, CBD is also temperature sensitive, so this must be a managed process.

Once the cooking is done, the oil must be cooled and strained to remove plant matter. After this, store in a refrigerator.


Alcohol Extraction

Alcohol extraction is an equally simple process that does not have to be as watched as extracting cannabis with lipids. That said, it also takes longer. Literally put the bud and trim into an alcoholic liquid and set aside to let steep. A favourite extraction alcohol is ethanol, but it can be anything. This concoction needs to stand and infuse for a much longer time (days). It will then need to be drained of plant matter.

This can be used in everything from tinctures to salves as well as cooking.


The biggest difference between extracting THC and CBD? One is psychoactive and one is not. The overall process is the same. However what that means is that you need to make sure you are using the right strain. You should also try to use strains that are stronger when you are extracting cannabinoids. This is because you can dilute the oil to make it weaker once finished.

If you are after a strong CBD experience, you need to pick a CBD-focused strain - but know it will still contain some THC. If you want CBD without the THC, you will need to purchase CBD oil. This can still be used in food, and cuts out the need to produce your own.


The sky is the limit. Experiment. Think about how you use cannabis and get creative. Here are some super popular ways to use CBD extractions, both in and out of the kitchen.


CBD-infused oil can be used all by itself or mixed into other things. Salad dressings are very popular as are simple bread spreads. CBD brownies are always popular, but sugar is not always a desired additive. Mediterranean dishes are very popular destinations for CBD oil.


Tea With CBD Extract

CBD-infused alcohol can be used in a variety of tinctures. It can be used as drops. It is also frequently mixed into health products in this form. However, CBD can also be added to food in this form. This includes teas, juices, smoothies and even candy and lozenges.

Make your own supplements. Both oil and alcohol extractions can be used to make health supplements. The most common end use of oil extractions is pills. Alcohol extractions are usually administered in pure form via droppers.


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