How to Make Mescaline Tea
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How To Make Mescaline Tea Using Peyote Or San Pedro Cactus

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The Peyote and San Pedro Cacti may look innocent enough. However, contained just under the skin is an incredibly powerful psychedelic that has been used for centuries. Extracting the mescaline is simple though. We show you how a simple cup of tea could be the start of an epic journey across the cosmos.

The unassuming psychedelic cacti is often a window sill ornament in homes across the world. Even better, owning them is often no more illegal than buying a picture to hang on the wall. However, for many, the discrete peyote cactus is more than just a decoration. Contained within its cells is the rich and powerful psychedelic, mescaline.

Despite nausea-inducing properties of the alkaloids within the cacti, the subsequent trip is incredibly satisfying. Getting hold of the mescaline contained within can be a complex task. Luckily we have a simple and effective way of making mescaline tea without the risk of a mouthful of spines.


Why Drink Mescaline Cacti Tea

The obvious: mescaline is a very powerful psychedelic. There are always two sides to every story though, and in this case, with a great trip comes an even greater taste. So bitter in fact that the taste will cause nausea and sickness when ingested.

This is an unfortunate rite of passage when consuming mescaline. Taking it in tea form can help to alleviate some of this nausea. Trying to eat the san pedro or peyote cactus on the other hand is no mean feat.

San Pedro (Echinopsis Pachanoi)View San Pedro

If you have already experienced mescaline, then you will be fully aware of what to expect. For a first time user, it can be quite the journey. If you are using a matured cactus, roughly 30 centimeters in length should be enough to provide a truly lengthy trip. Mescaline trips can last anywhere between 6-15 hours dependant on the amount consumed.

Upon initial consumption, you will be met with nausea and vomiting. Once this stage has passed though, the effects of mescaline start to show itself. It is worth noting it can take between 1-2 hours before you start to fully experience the trip.

Effects will vary from user to user. This can be down to experience, the amount of mescaline consumed, or the situation at the time but there are always a number of recurring themes:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Being able to see and feel rays of light
  • People and objects radiating light
  • Remembering old memories
  • Hearing and seeing sounds from far away
  • Enhanced feelings of emotion
  • Intense feelings of love and euphoria


When To Drink Mescaline Cacti Tea

We know what to expect when with mescaline tea but when is a good time to drink it? As we have already alluded to, mescaline is a very strong psychedelic. For even a novice user planning your trip is essential.

Given the trips can be lengthy make sure you have sufficient free time without interruption. The last thing you want is your boss ringing you to ask where you are, or a family member walking in as you're surfing the cosmos.

Another factor to consider is a “trip sitter”. Someone you know and trust that has experience with psychedelics to oversee the trip. This can be especially useful if it is your first time as this can alleviate some of the anxiety if you are nervous about tripping for the first time. Having this relief can enable you to focus fully and enjoy the journey mescaline has to offer.

Finally, taking mescaline on an empty stomach is highly recommended. Like most psychedelics, the active components that make you trip are absorbed into your body through your stomach. Mixing mescaline with a full stomach can cause mescaline to be absorbed more slowly, and broken down; not to mention a far less enjoyable initial phase to the trip. Throwing up is never nice, but even less so if you've just enjoyed a 3-course meal!

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How To Make You Own Mescaline Cacti Tea

Let's get down to business. The preparation and process for making mescaline tea is relatively straightforward but there are a number of items you will need. Having all of these to hand when you start will help to speed up the process and ensure your mescaline is the best it can be.


  • 6-12 inches of San Pedro or Peyote Cacti
  • Large Saucepan
  • Medium Saucepan
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Timer
  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Large blender or hand blender
  • Filtration paper or old t-shirt

Peyote (Lophophora Williamsii)View Peyote


  1. Prepare your chosen cacti by slicing it into thin strips. This can be vertically or horizontally but the idea is these slices will need to be blended. Therefore they need to be small enough to fit in your blender or small enough to be blended with a hand blender.

  2. 6 inches of cactus will provide enough mescaline tea for one person. 12 inches will provide a batch of tea for multiple people or for later consumption.

  3. Either using a full-size blender or a hand blender you want the slices of cactus you prepared to be completely turned to pulp. No lumps or large parts of cactus intact.

  4. Pour your cactus mixture into the large saucepan. Slowly bring this to the boil before allowing to simmer. You are going to want this to simmer anywhere between 2-4 hours. You may need to top up with cold water throughout the cooking process to ensure it doesn't burn.

  5. Once the mixture has been reduced down you will be left with a mescaline sludge. Similar in consistency to glue or snot (nice!). Your cactus mixture is now ready to be strained.

  6. Work the paste through your filtration paper (or even an old t-shirt) into the medium-sized saucepan. Take caution at this stage as the paste will still be hot from the cooking process. Once you have squeezed all of the liquid out of the paste, the paste can be discarded.

  7. Sitting proudly in your medium saucepan is your basis for mescaline tea. The liquid can either be boiled again and drunk like a cup of tea or taken as a shot. Pour the liquid into your chosen cup or container and the rest is up to you!


Written by: Luke
Luke is a part-time writer and full-time visionary. An anonymous psychonaut blending into society with his suit and tie, he works to bring evidence-based rationality to the masses.

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