Health & Safety Of Magic Mushrooms
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Health & Safety Of Magic Mushrooms

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Did you know that shrooms actually do a very minimal amount of damage? Especially when you compare them to the harm other drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco

Over the years there have been many studies looking into the danger and effects of psilocybin, the main psychoactive chemical that occurs in magic mushrooms and truffles. Most governments around the world still class them as an illegal drug, but did you know that shrooms actually do a very minimal amount of damage? Especially when you compare them to the harm other drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, (two completely legal drugs, I might add).

One very recent research project has been lead by Professor David Nutt, the former chief drug advisory to the UK government. In his study, drugs were ranked according to their harm to self and society as a whole. By working with top drug harm experts he has been able to successfully quantify what a lot of people have been wondering; I mean, we all kind of know that meth is worse for you than weed, but exactly where do they all rank?

Well, quite interestingly - the research titled “Drug harms in the UK” found that magic mushrooms and magic truffles ranked the absolute lowest - with no harm to society being present, and extremely minimal harm to self. Guess what was number one for societal and self harm? That's right, alcohol; with tobacco coming in close at number 6, just behind some of the better known hard drugs like heroin. That's correct, according to this study alcohol is worse than heroin for harm it does.

In fact, a there are studies that suggest, when taken in moderation, the positives of magic mushrooms and truffles far out weight negatives.Drug Harm Scores

Little harm from the shrooms

Let us start with the basics. Magic mushrooms and magic truffles don't actually cause any bodily or physical harm. They do not cause addiction or bodily dependance, and will only very rarely cause someone to become psychologically dependent on them - the same way you may feel “dependent” on cannabis to relax, even though your body isn’t actually yearning for it. It is also extremely hard to overdose on shrooms, as the toxic level of psilocybin is estimated to be 2,000 times higher than the psychoactive level.

The only harm that comes directly from magic shrooms is a bad trip. This can cause fear, anxiety and delusions. Fortunately these do not last after the drug wears off, and it tends to be high dosage that causes them. Bad trips, whilst rarely hurting those around you, may cause you to accidentally harm yourself – so it is always a good idea to be in a safe and friendly environment when using.

Foraging wild mushrooms can pose a major risk as you can easily confuse them with a similar looking but poisonous shroom. Most fatalities linked to mushrooms come from people thinking they have found magic shrooms, when what they have found are often deadly toad stools, or similar type mushrooms – it can be very hard to tell the difference on appearance alone. Picking and eating the wrong mushrooms can lead to liver failure and death. There is no risk of poisoning from actual magic mushrooms or truffles. And mushroom grow kits, of course, completely eliminate this risk.

If used sensibly, most people will experience benefits from taking shrooms. They can help to develop a better understanding of life and look at things from a new perspective. While some describe the mushroom trip as a spiritual experience, it can produce a sense of profound compassion, gratitude, and sensuality within its users. This is supported by a year long study conducted by a team at John Hopkins University, who concluded that the benefits of using shrooms far outweighed the negatives, especially with moderate use.

What does all this say about magic mushrooms and their truffle cousins? Well, as long as you are sensible and use them in a safe location you will be fine. Just don’t go taking them somewhere stupid like in a busy city center street, or places where you could fall. Also bear in mind that the legality of magic mushrooms and truffles varies widely country to country, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Because in the end, the laws around them might be the most dangerous thing about magic mushrooms.


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