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Difference Regular And Feminized Seeds

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Check out the differences between regular and feminized seeds. If you're planning to grow the dankest of the dank, knowing the difference is essential. We take a close look at exactly what each type of seed is, and their differences.

We’re here to clarify any misconceptions regarding the difference between regular and feminized seeds. Growers usually prefer one over the other, due to specific growing characteristics.

Before we get into the difference between regular and feminized seeds, let's understand the crucial differences between sexes. Cannabis plants can be either male, female or hermaphroditic. Male plants, during the flowering stage, develop oval shaped pollen sacks. Female plants develop calyxes (the flowers) and pistils, which catch the pollen to create seeds. It’s relatively straight forward. The male pollen pollinates the female flower, which produces seeds.

Hermaphroditic plants contain both pollen sacks and calyxes. When a cannabis plant is subjected to stressful conditions, the survival instinct kicks in. Under such conditions, the plant sees virtually no possibilities of being fertilized anytime soon. Therefore, the plant begins to reproduce with itself. The female plant begins to produce pollen sacks for self-pollination to carry on the ganja genes. The males can also develop calyxes, although it's very rare.

What’S The Difference Between Regular And Feminized Seeds

Regular seeds are created from a male and female plant. The pollen from the male fertilizes the female, which in turn produces seeds. These seeds are called regular seeds because they are produced in the "regular" natural way. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are created from a female and another female plant. One of the females is subjected to stressful conditions to create pollen, which will fertilize the other female.

It is the flowers of the cannabis plant that are used for their cannabinoid content. This makes the female plant desired by most growers - thus a lot of growers opt for feminized cannabis seeds to minimise the risk of getting a male plant. However, regular seeds certainty have their uses, as we look at a bit later on in the article.

What Are Feminized Seeds

Simply put, feminized seeds derive from two females and produce female plants 100% of the time.

As growing methods became more advanced, growers gained more knowledge about breeding cannabis plants. To produce feminized seeds, growers provide the female plants trace amounts of colloidal silver. This stresses the plant into pollen production. This pollen fertilizes the female plants, which in turn produce feminized seeds. That’s how seeds become feminized in today's growing operations.

When colloidal silver is used to create feminized seeds, the likelihood of the seeds becoming hermaphroditic are minimal. This is because the female, which produced the pollen, barely had any genetic predispositions to become a hermaphrodite.

What Are Regular Seeds

When a male cannabis plant fertilizes a female cannabis plant, the calyxes of the females will produce regular seeds. Whenever a regular seed is planted, there's a 50% chance that it will turn male or female.

What Are Regular Autoflowering Seeds

Regular autoflowering seeds derive from a male and female cannabis plant, of which at least one carries autoflowering genetics. Top Tao Seeds is a seedbank that specializes in regular seeds, they've brought to light many dank autoflowering varieties.

Why Should I Choose Feminized Seeds

Most growers prefer using feminized seeds because they are 100% female. Most ganja enthusiasts grow marijuana to receive crystal covered buds. The biggest worry of growers is the pollen which can virtually kill the buds. With feminized seeds, you don’t need to worry about male pollination.

Also, there’s no hassle of meticulously verifying the sex of the plant during the flowering period. You plant the seeds, you nurture the plant, you receive dank buds, it’s that simple.

Why Should I Choose Regular Seeds

Many professional growers prefer to grow regular seeds for several reasons. First, females deriving from regular seeds are better qualified to function as mother plants for cloning. Some consider the quality of the buds to be better from regular seeds, although this is widely debated.

Second, when growers wish to create strong crosses or amazing hybrids, they can prefer to use an actual male to pollinate a female, rather than using “feminized” pollen for seed production.

Best Feminized Strains

Thc Bunker Buster - Zamnesia Seeds

THC Bunker Buster Zamnesia Seeds

This impeccable strain is definitely one of the dankest feminized strains out there. Crystal covered nugs, producing an immense amount of resin. That’s what you can expect from this cultivar.

White Choco - Amsterdam Genetics

White Choco Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics are proud to present their spectacular strain, White Choco. The mixture of White Russian and Chocolope generated this magnificent cultivar, with delicious chocolate flavors.

White Widow - Royal Queen Seeds

White Widow Royal Queen Seeds

Behold the most popular strain, ever. White Widow genetics took over the world in the mid 90’s. Royal Queen Seeds present you the old-school interpretation of this classic hybrid.

Blue Widow - Dinafem

Blue Widow Dinafem

Dinafem is a world renown seedbank, generating extraordinarily dank strains. Blue Widow is their pride and joy. It’s a White Widow and Blueberry hybrid, which comprises 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics.

Skunk #1 - Sensi Seeds

Skunk #1 Sensi Seeds

If you’re into old-school skunkiness, Sensi Seeds provide you with the ultimate Skunk #1. It is, as the name suggest, the number one Skunk out there.

Best Regular Strains

Motavation - Serious Seeds

Motavation Serious Seeds

Motavation by Serious Seeds is seriously motivating. After you hit this strain you’ll be ready to tackle any obstacles in your way.

Eagle Bill - Sensi Seeds

Eagle Bill Sensi Seeds

This strain combines Colombian, Haze, Thai and Jamaican ganja genetics. Needless to say, it’s a strain from across the world, which induces otherworldly highs.

G13 X Widow - Mr. Nice

G13 x Widow Mr. Nice

When you combine two extraordinary strains, magic happens. This hybrid, by Mr. Nice seeds, is a descendant of G13 and Widow, hence magic.

Destroyer - Cannabiogen

Destroyer Cannabiogen

Are you ready to destroy negative vibes? Well, Destroyer by Cannabiogen will exterminate all negativity present in your mind, allowing positive vibes to take over your soul.

Bruce Banner Bx 2.0 - Dark Horse Genetics

Bruce Banner BX 2.0 Dark Horse Genetics

This might be the most potent strain in the world. You can experience the THC-levels rise to 30%, inducing extremely potent highs with its magnificent aromas.

So there you have it folks, whether you’re into feminized or regular seeds, there are hundreds of varieties out there to choose from.


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