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Go On Safari With These 5 Cannabis Strains Resembling The Big Five

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This blog is all about Big Strain Hunting. Gear up for a Cannabis Safari featuring the Marijuana Big Five. You may not have heard of some of these strains before. That’s because they really are unique and in some cases, endangered species.


The “Big Five” are by definition the five most difficult animals for man to hunt on foot in Africa. Our 5 picks of unique cannabis strains share something in common with each beast. But you won’t be in any danger of being torn apart limb from limb by our sticky green selections. You will thoroughly enjoy getting ripped with this stash. The marijuana Big Five are a breed apart from your average weed. If you want to crop some really special sinsemilla, these are the 5 strains to hunt down.

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Jack Plant (Advanced Seeds)

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to harvest weight. Jack Plant is a behemoth of a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Just like the African elephant, she is as massive as they come. Outdoors in a warm climate with plenty of sunlight, Jack Plant can exceed 3.5m in height, forming a thick, long-running central cola the size of an elephant’s trunk. Indoors, she will peak at about 1.5m tall and is made for a ScrOG.

Jack Plant is big and bad like a tough African elephant. Both are also endowed with good resistance against disease and pathogens. Jack Plant is less likely than other strains to succumb to common outdoor maladies like mildew and bud rot.

Impressive 500g+ per plant harvests can be ready by early Croptober. Flowering between 60-70 days, Jack Plant is a great option for those looking for a soaring 20% THC sativa high, but don’t have the patience for Haze.

As you might have guessed, Jack Plant is a blend of Jack Herer and mystery sativa genetics. Expect some variance amongst individuals cropped from seed. This probably makes her all the more tempting a trophy to Big Strain Hunters.


Dr. Tao Sativa (Top Tao Seeds)

There is much confusion in distinguishing the various rhino subspecies. The black rhino is officially classed as “critically-endangered” by most international animal conservation organisations. Dr. Tao Sativa regular is actually the second strain dedicated to every stoner’s favourite scientist, Dr. Grinspoon. Previously, Barney's Farm offered feminized cannabis seeds called Dr. Grinspoon. But as that line has been discontinued, it must be classed as extinct to home growers. So as you can see, confusion is the commonality between the black rhino and Dr. Tao err Dr. Grinspoon, no Dr. Tao.

Now if you want to conserve and cultivate some prime, near-pure sativa, you must work that little extra bit harder. The black rhino is a huge, hard to miss beast, but like the Dr. Grinspoon genetics, population numbers have dwindled and an international effort to stop poaching is underway. Dr. Tao Sativa is a mood-boosting sativa with medicinal properties that can be ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks of bloom. Crop her and make a meaningful contribution to saving sativa.


Big Band (Kannabia)

The African buffalo is a ferocious herbivore with a herd mentality. Big Band is a heavy indica hybrid that can produce an equally ferocious harvest, especially with the SOG method. Yields up to 500g/m² can be accomplished by novices in just 8 weeks of flowering. Grouping in large numbers with females at the centre is key to both the buffalo and the strain’s success.

Combining Black Domina, Bubblegum, and Chronic, the Big Band is also something of a “widow maker.” The surprisingly fast and hard-hitting couchlock effect can be stunning and a KO for newbies. Although we presume Cape buffalo steak is probably delicious, the fruity strawberry and citrus flavour of Big Band is a genuine, one-of-a-kind treat for the palate. Expect thick, frosty, chunky buds from mid-sized plants typically close to 1m indoors and below 2m tall outdoors.


Bubba Kush (Barneys Farm)

Sitting at the very top of the food chain is the lion, and atop the elite, prize-winning marijuana hall of fame is Bubba Kush. Both can survive and thrive solo, or as part of a group. Large containers and plenty of sunlight can lead to impressive individual 2m+ ganja trees outdoors. A packed SOG indoors can produce equally generous indoor yields.

THC levels up to 24% put Bubba Kush on the top shelf. Her immensely potent, sedative, and relaxing physical effects could easily have you lounging like a lion for 20 hours a day. BK features aromas of sweet candy with hints of spice and wood, with a delicious taste to enchant every stoner.

Bubba Kush is an apex cannabis hybrid. This is the kind of mouth-watering stash you want to sink your teeth into. But don’t. Just enjoy a toke. Be warned: just as a lion will become a man-eater for life, you are likely to develop a penchant for Bubba Kush over all other cannabis.


Frisian Duck (Dutch Passion)

The most well-camouflaged member of the Big Five is the leopard. Similarly, Frisian Duck is perhaps the most covert cannabis strain. High-grade stash that doesn’t even resemble weed is a rare stealth characteristic. Frisian Duck is something of a master of disguise - deliberately bred to display a leaf deformity so that, like a Leopard, she can easily grow unnoticed and blend in.

Frisian Duck will be ready for harvest in 8 weeks of bloom. Moreover, as an indica-dominant hybrid, she stays relatively compact - as does the leopard in comparison with the rest of the big cats. 1.5m is usually the maximum height indoors, while outdoors it’s rare for Frisian Duck to stretch above 2.5m. Frisian Duck might not be the most visually stunning addition to a cannabis menagerie, but stealth growing is all about discretion.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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