A Cannabis Infused Ben & Jerry's Coming Soon?

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A Cannabis Infused Ben & Jerry's Coming Soon?

Most people love ice cream right? Well, Ben & Jerry’s have been talking about making a marijuana infused flavour, bringing two of our loves together into one mighty treat – as you can imagine we got excited!

That’s right! Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the masterminds behind some of the world’s most loved ice cream, have gone on camera and said that a marijuana infused flavour is not out of the question.

Speaking on HuffPost Live, Ben and Jerry spoke about how they had both had previous experiences with cannabis and that they thought legalisation was a wonderful thing. On the idea of marijuana infused ice cream, Ben said, “makes sense to me. [You could] combine your pleasures.” And he isn’t wrong!

According to Cannabrand, a marijuana based marketing firm, it would not be outside of their focus or brand, as they already have flavours named “half-baked” and “Satisfy My Bowl”.


So will we see this any time soon? No. Unfortunately it is not likely to happen until entire countries legalise the recreational use of cannabis. Ben & Jerry’s are too large a brand to cater to individual states, and the restrictions that would be placed on them would not be worth the effort. For example, each batch of ice cream would have to be made within the geographical area it was for and it could only be sold at licensed dispensaries. Even if it was made in America, it would be a long time before we see it here.

Don’t get too disheartened though. There is certainly a market for it, with over 24 million Americans alone admitting to using weed on a regular basis. As marijuana becomes more commonplace and accepted, things like this will become much more practical – allowing larger companies to get involved.

When the company was asked for an official response on the matter, their spokesperson said “Ben & Jerry's hasn't given serious consideration to the possibility of cannabis-infused ice cream,” but added with a pun “Perhaps it’s HIGH time”, wink wink, nod nod. Let’s hope one day it becomes a reality!