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Water curing

A lot has been written about the "ripening” of harvested weed. Careful drying on racks, in special machines, with or without leaves, etc, etc. But have you ever heard about “water curing"? It sounds at first like a weird concept, dunking your buds under water for 7 days, freshening the water every day and drying them afterwards in a day or two. Strange? Not at all!

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The water curing process

  • harvest and trim your buds
  • cover with plenty of water (keep them under with, for example, a cloth or heavy object
  • change the water every day – this is going to really stink!
  • after 7 days, take out your buds and dry them (forced is fine)

Cannabis bud in jarThanks to the process of osmosis (which is basically the process by which soluble substances distribute themselves evenly throughout the whole solution, and exchange via a semi-permeable membrane - in this case the leaf surface), the substances you do NOT want to smoke are dissolved. This includes not just substances external to the plant itself, but also from within the leaves – the things that will make you cough when you smoke. The THC etc does NOT dissolve in the water. The result: a much stronger, purer weed. The yield is around 30 - 50% lower than with the usual methods.

Bud rot water cure

Cure cannabis

Moreover – got a case of the rot? Don’t chuck the afflicted buds away! Dunk them in water too and treat them in the same way as described above. The result: a good potency weed with no nasty aftertaste.







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