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Miscellaneous (Posts and Trays)

The hydroponics and automated irrigation systems require some maintenance and care. What you might have to exchange after some time are some seals, filters etc. Additionally, to extend the longevity of your hardware, it is recommended to use cleaning fluids from time to time. These dissolve and remove any possible residue from the nutrients, which eventually might clog the system.

A close to necessary device to supplement hydroponics system is a reverse osmosis system. Though you might think water is just water, there is a huge concentration of other stuff in tap water, which might be harmful for you cannabis plants and ultimately affect the final marijuana crop. This is especially important in hydroponics, where the solution prepared in untreated water reach the root system directly, increasing the damage done. Reverse osmosis is a process that purifies water up to 99%, leading to easier control over the precise composition of your feeding formula.

Another thing you might find useful is a time controller, which switches the pump on and off depending on the need of your hydroponics setup.