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Coco is a very versatile substrate that could either be used as an additive to traditional soil cultivation, as well as on its own. 100% organic, natural and fully sustainable resource. It could replace peat or soil if you grow in pots, or rockwool in hydroponics.

It is naturally free of any kind of bacteria, fungi, weeds or other unwelcome, hostile guests. Keeps moisture and yet due to its loose structure allows roots to breathe freely. Compared with soil, coco based plantations are more resistant to various diseases and 'natural disasters' such as pests, mould etc. While growing your plants in coco, make sure to provide them with enough nutrients from the very beginning - as opposed to most soil pre-mixes, coco contains no nutritional ingredients. It has a cannabis friendly pH of around 6 (5,5-6,5).

Coco comes either in loose or pressed form - the latter one needs to be 'unpacked' first, by adding enough warm water. Pressed coco saves lots of space and allows you to store and transport big amounts of substrate in limited space.