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Storing Cannabis

Storing Cannabis

As a cannabis enthusiast, you know that nothing is worse than smoking old, dry, and brittle herb. Weed which is improperly stored loses flavour and potency, and will often make for an outright awful smoke over time. But how can you keep your weed fresh for a long period? Find out about the best ways to store your stash!

Maybe you recently harvested your own plants or just got home with medicine from your local dispensary. Chances are, you won’t smoke all of it right away, but will save some for later on. So, how long does weed last, and which methods of storage will preserve its integrity and value?


Storing your weed properly can make a big difference when it comes to the herb’s quality and effect. Although cannabis doesn’t have an expiration date, it still needs to be stored with the same care as a fine wine or good bottle of old whiskey.

Normally, when stored well, you can expect your weed to stay good for six months or longer. With some methods for long-term storage, you can keep it fresh even longer, up to twelve months or more.

On the other hand, how and where you store your weed will greatly affect how long your stash stays good. Humidity, light, and heat all degrade cannabinoids, and keeping weed in unzipped baggies will dry it out. If your buds become overly dry, the smoke will be harsh and much less flavourful. Likewise, if your weed is kept in a place that’s too humid, mould could ruin your stash in the short-term.



You want to keep your weed away from heat, humidity, and light when you store it. A cool (15-21°C) and dark place is best. If you have a basement, this would be optimal. For storing your buds, use 1l-sized Mason jars with a lid that you can get almost anywhere. A tight lid ensures that your bud is protected from air and moisture. When you fill your buds into your glass jars, make sure to fill them at approximately ¾ full. The less air in the jar, the better, so if you have a smaller amount of bud to store, simply use smaller-sized jars. When stored this way with these factors in mind, you can keep your buds for a year or even longer.



The Mason jar method of storage is simple, inexpensive, and keeps your buds preserved for a while, but if you are planning on longer-term storage, say for several years, you can put your weed in the freezer.

With this method, you can still use Mason jars, although some growers double-bag their buds in freezer bags and wrap it all in foil.

Caution: Know that frozen bud is very brittle and handling can make it lose its precious trichomes. When you freeze cannabis for the long-term, be especially careful to keep it from being agitated too much. Likewise, when you want to use your frozen bud, allow it to thaw slowly first. This will also prevent excess moisture buildup.



Do Not Store Weed In Plastic Bags Or Plastic Containers.

Plastic baggies are what many folks store their weed in, but they’re unfortunately also the worst for this purpose. When kept in plastic bags, cannabis will quickly get dry and brittle and will lose its smell. Your weed will also lose potency much faster. The lack of protection also risks having your buds crumble each time you handle the bag. You should use baggies only for the short-term storage of your bud.

Plastic containers are not much better than baggies; they will greatly reduce the shelf life of your weed, so don’t use them for storage. In addition, plastic containers and bags can often be statically charged, so they attract the dry trichomes from your bud. Not ideal.

Do Not Store Weed In The Refrigerator.

It sounds like a good idea at first, but actually isn’t. The environment in your fridge is humid and temperatures fluctuate. Storing weed in your fridge will lead to mouldy buds in no time.

Do Not Store Weed Around Electronics.

Storing weed on top of your fridge, in a cupboard above your TV, or next to your computer is a bad idea. The heat from electronic appliances rises and will very quickly dry out your precious stash. When you store cannabis on a shelf or cupboard, store it on the lowest shelf possible. Only consider storing your weed in a cupboard if you don’t have a better, cooler option like a basement.

Do Not Use A Cigar Humidor To Store Weed.

Yet another method that may seem good at first, but should be avoided at all costs. The wood used for cigar humidors gives off oils that will spoil your weed’s flavour. Humidors also often use chemicals for moisture regulation, so your weed will end up too moist for its own good.

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