YouTube Channels About Growing Cannabis
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Top 10 YouTube Channels About Growing Cannabis

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Looking for tips and tricks on growing weed? YouTube is the place to go. Here's a list of our favourite YouTube channels on cultivating cannabis.

YouTube is one of the best sources of information for novice cannabis growers seeking guidance. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to hone your growing skills, make sure to check out the channels below.


While some channels and YouTube users have been penalised for publishing cannabis-related material, YouTube is still by far one of the best platforms for cannabis news, culture, and grow tips.

Whether you want to learn how to build your own growing equipment or watch an expert raise their seeds through to harvest, YouTube offers a glimpse into global cannabis growing as it exists today.


Below, we’ll highlight our top 10 cannabis growing channels. For other weed-related YouTube content, make sure to check out our lists of the top 10 channels for stoners and the top 10 YouTube videos to watch while high.


Run by a Californian medical marijuana patient with over six years of growing experience, Cali Green shares some of the most accurate and easy-to-understand content on the web. On his channel, Cali Green covers everything from product and strain reviews to beginner tips, and much more.

At the time of writing this article, Cali Green is in the middle of publishing a mini-documentary walking viewers through a full growing cycle of a single Bubble Bomb plant. In this documentary, Cali Green details everything from soil preparation to harvest, making the channel a great resource for growers of all skill levels.


Jacob, the founder of From Seed To Stoned, started the channel in 2018. Since then, he has amassed over 230,000 subscribers. In his videos, Jacob covers a range of topics related to growing, including equipment reviews and harvesting tutorials. Besides cultivation-related content, From Seed To Stoned also publishes content on topics like how to make cannabutter, equipment giveaways, and more. Regardless of how much growing experience you have, we’re convinced you’ll find high-value content on From Seed To Stoned.


Home Grow Engineering is a smaller channel with a lot to offer. As the name suggests, the channel provides unique insight into how to build some of your own growing equipment, including grow tents. In fact, the founder of Home Grow Engineering documented the process of building his very own apartment-friendly grow tent. Home Grow Engineering also has a lot of videos targeting beginner growers, such as the bare minimum equipment needed to grow at home, how to germinate seeds, nutrient basics, and more. If you’re new to growing cannabis, Home Grow Engineering is definitely worth checking out.


Mr. Canucks Grow is a cannabis cultivation channel based in Canada. The show’s host is Matt, an indoor grower who regularly posts all kinds of cannabis content. Matt’s videos will walk you through every aspect of growing cannabis. He’ll teach you how to transplant, train, feed, and prune your plants, as well as how to trim, dry, and cure your buds at harvest. Plus, Mr. Canucks Grow regularly features strain-specific grow videos in which Matt walks you through an entire grow from start to finish. Mr. Canucks Grow also publishes tutorials on making hash, rosin, and much more.


Top Shelf Grower is another smaller cannabis channel. Nonetheless, it publishes some great content for both cannabis consumers and growers of all different skill levels. What sets Top Shelf Grower apart from some of the other channels is its latest "Seasons Of Outdoor Cannabis" series. The series combines 26 videos walking you through a complete grow of Jack Herer, Stardawg, Red Poison, and other autoflowering strains on a rooftop terrace in Spain. Top Shelf Grower explores all aspects of a 6-month outdoor grow, including feeding, watering, training and pruning, and much more. The last videos show Top Shelf Grower’s plants just before harvest, and the results are breathtaking. Make sure to check it out for yourself.

You can also check out one of Top Shelf Grower’s in-depth articles for Zamnesia here.

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Growers Network might not be the largest channel on this list, but the quality and professionalism of its content could easily convince you otherwise. Founded in 2017, Growers Network started out as a social media platform, and has since grown into one of the leading names in cannabis on YouTube. While it doesn’t produce the kind of how-to videos as some other channels on this list, Growers Network publishes in-depth content focusing on the legal cannabis industry, including tours of huge cannabis farms, processing labs, and more. Occasionally, Growers Network also publishes videos focusing on specific topics like cannabis lighting plans, equipment financing, extraction, and more.


Coined the “MTV of cannabis”, Growing Exposed is a YouTube series produced by Jeremy Deichen and hosted by Amanda Mackay. Growing Exposed regularly visits professional cannabis farms and processing plants, and interviews some of the industry's experts. Growing Exposed also hosts a unique series with David Robinson called “Ask The Garden Sage”. In this series, David covers topics such as when to flush your plants, ideal temperature and humidity levels, nutrient reservoirs, wet vs dry trimming, and more. If you’ve got some burning questions and want answers from one of the world’s leading weed growers, make sure to check out this series.


YouDube focuses on cannabis reviews, and is run by Bud, a cannabis enthusiast from Canada. Bud’s biggest forte are strain reviews, and his channel is a great resource if you’re looking for information on which strains to add to your garden. Besides strain-specific reviews, Bud also reviews paraphernalia, grow equipment, nutrients, and more. Moreover, YouDube has a bunch of tutorials on outdoor growing, harvesting, and trimming, as well as beginner videos on how to consume and enjoy cannabis. Finally, YouDube offers insight into the legal cannabis scene in Canada.


Indica Institute is an educational channel dedicated to educating cannabis growers of all skill levels and walks of life. Launched in 2018, Indica Institute currently has over 100k subscribers, and with good reason; its tutorials are detailed, easy to understand, and cover virtually every aspect of cultivation, including how to keep healthy mother plants, take clones, prepare your soil/growing medium, and pick the right seeds. We particularly like Indica Institute’s equipment videos, which are a great tool for beginner growers looking for guidance on what equipment to invest in.


Cannabis Lifestyle TV is run by expert growers for home cultivators and cannabis enthusiasts. It publishes weekly videos on virtually every topic of cultivation you could think of. It offers particularly good videos on how to deal with pests like powdery mildew, thrips, and more. We also love Cannabis Lifestyle’s product reviews, which shine a light on some of the best nutrients, grow equipment, and genetics out there. Whether you're a rookie grower or a veteran, make sure to add Cannabis Lifestyle TV to your YouTube favourites and check in with them regularly.

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