Blueberry Cannabis
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The Origin Of Blueberry Cannabis & The Top 3 Blueberry Strains

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Find out more about this great indica and these 3 variations. They will give you deliciously sweet, blue buds that will suit every stoner's needs.

In our The Origin Of series, we take a look at classic strains that forever changed the cannabis game. These groundbreaking genetics have spawned many of today's most popular strains, and continue to inspire old and new school breeders. If you are hungry for even more classic strain knowledge, check out our Origin Of blogs highlighting AK-47Cheese, and Skunk.


About Blueberry Cannabis

The Blueberry strain is one of the most sought after cannabis hybrids out there. This Indica-dominant strain is a winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup and was created by the one and only DJ Short. Back in the 70’s, this breeder sampled numerous strains from all parts of the world.

Whether from Thailand, or places like Colombia and Mexico, DJ Short worked on a lot of landrace strains. These are the original strains whose genetics haven’t been altered by humans. They are natural breeds of cannabis that evolved over thousands of years.

After going through hundreds of strains and testing them out, Short finally found what he was looking for. He found two of the most highly regarded strains of the modern cannabis industry.

He mixed Highland Thai (Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai. This gave him the female plant. These two Thai sativas make up the female side of all DJ Short’s strains. He absolutely loved them.

With the female ready, he simply needed the male to create the strain he had envisioned all this time. It was only in 1979 that a group of Californian growers introduced DJ to a strain that surprised him. Said strain was an Afghani indica. And at the time, indicas were a very new breed of cannabis. Sativas controlled most of the grow rooms before indicas changed the trend.

This new genetic was able to yield the same bud density, with less height, and at a faster rate. The original Blueberry was 80% indica and 20% sativa. But DJ also worked on a more sativa-dominant plant which was later refined into what we know today as the Blueberry sativa.


Not sure which strain to grow? We'll be presenting you with 3 top-notch Blueberry genetics that surely won't disappoint you. No matter which one you choose, it is sure to pack a fruity punch!


Blueberry - Dutch Passion

This Dutch Passion Blueberry is an original cannabis strain. It combines a fruity flavour-punch with the classic blue colour on the leaves and buds.

This Amsterdam coffeeshop bestseller is the most famous member of the blue family. It takes approximately 7 weeks of extremely hard work for this beauty to develop its buds. It’s hard work because this strain is very picky when it comes to nutrition. As a grower, you’ll need to pay close attention to the plant’s signals and be ready to react quickly to its needs.

But the hard work pays off when the fruity buds are collected. They come with a potent high that is both long-lasting and thoroughly enjoyable. The cerebral experience is said to be euphoric and very resistant to tolerance build-up. You will certainly not get tired of the resulting bud from this strain. You’re promised great highs for as long as you grow these plants.

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Blueberry Automatic - Zamnesia

The classic Blueberry strain now has been turned into an autoflowering variety by the great folks over at Zamnesia. This Blueberry Automatic was created by adding ruderalis to an already impressive mix. This strain is tailored to the inexperienced grower. Due to its easiness to cultivate, no one will find it difficult to achieve the famous, flavourful, and potent results.

Even with the autoflowering properties, you won’t be missing out on any of the original selling points. Besides the great high, this brilliant flower will display the classic blue and purple tonalities with a deliciously pungent flavour and smell.

The only thing you’ll be sacrificing with Blueberry Automatic is time. This genetic takes a couple more weeks to develop full buds, requiring a total of 8-9 weeks from seed to flower.

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Blueberry Bliss Autoflowering - Vision Seeds

By crossing not two, but three cannabis heavyweights—Blueberry, White Widow and Super Skunk—with a ruderalis strain, Vision Seeds have created this 85% indica-dominant super specimen. While it doesn't provide as big of a yield as some other Blueberry strains, it's purely quality over quantity when it comes to Blueberry Bliss Autoflowering. She stays at a manageable height of 80cm and only requires a little maintenance before giving up the goods. After 10 weeks from seed, she'll be ready to yield, offering around 160g/m² indoors.

Coming from such a wide variety of genetics, this strain takes all of her heritage and offers something extraordinary when it comes to effects, flavours, and aroma. Sweet berry notes are coupled with highs that begin with a burst of euphoric and uplifting energy before settling into blissful relaxation.

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We hope this helped you further understand the legendary Blueberry strain. Not only where it comes from, but how it came to be as revered as it is today. The 3 strains detailed above are sure to give you amazing plants that will accommodate every stoner’s preference.

Now it’s up to you to grow and take proper care of your plants. That is the only way you can enjoy all of Blueberry’s wonders. We wish you the best of luck with your plants and your harvest.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
Professional cannabis journalist, copywriter, and author Adam Parsons is a long-time staff member of Zamnesia. Tasked with covering a wide range of topics from CBD to psychedelics and everything in between, Adam creates blog posts, guides, and explores an ever-growing range of products.
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