The Best Way To Store Your Weed

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Store Your Weed

No one wants to watch their fine herb turn into dried out dust: Here is the best way to store your weed so that you can maintain its freshness and potency.

Marijuana is usually sold in cheap, portable containers that are meant to provide a safe way to transport your purchase home such as a paper or zip lock bag. While a baggie will keep your weed fresh temporarily, it is important to switch to a better storage option if you want to preserve it for more than a few days.

Factors to Consider for Storage

Factors To Consider For Storage

There are several factors that influence the proper storage of weed, and each of these must be guarded against if you want to keep the freshest bud. Heat is the first and most obvious factor to avoid because it will dry out your weed and reduce its potency.

Light can also damage the trichomes, which are the resin glands responsible for its stickiness. While you want to be careful not to dry out your weed, too much moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth. Finally, too much movement and handling can cause the trichomes to rub off and create shake.

The Problem with Plastic Bags

Everyone at some time or another has stored their weed in plastic bags, and sadly this is still the preferred storage method among many avid smokers. However, baggies have several flaws that affect marijuana potency.

In addition to letting in light, heat and the build-up of moisture, baggies generate static which can cause the weed to break up and cling to the sides of the bag creating shake. When this happens, much of the THC is lost and you can almost guarantee a harsher inhale with baggie-stored weed.

Why Freezing Doesn’t Work

As an alternative to plastic baggies, many people believe that wrapping their weed in foil and putting it in the freezer will keep it fresher longer. This method does not work for several reasons. First, fluctuating temperatures can affect the freshness and lead to bacterial growth. So, unless you never open that freezer door again, you can trust that your weed will be damaged.

Second, freezing buds causes the trichomes to become miniature icicles which will then break off and render the leftover weed less potent. Finally, those who store their weed in the freezer tend to handle it more often which will further reduce the weed into schwag.

Freezing Versus Airtight Glass Jar Storing Cannabis

Benefits of Using Airtight Glass Jar

Cannabis experts agree that glass jars are the preferred choice for the storage of weed. Preferably, the glass should contain an airtight lid that will guard against drying out and moisture build-up. An added benefit of an airtight lid is that the odor will be contained which can be helpful for those who prefer discrete storage.

While either a clear or opaque jar is better than a baggie for storage, it is best to choose a jar that is dark enough to block out light. Glass jars are also available in varying sizes so that you can choose the right one to store even large amounts of weed with as little air as possible in the leftover space. When selecting your jar, choose one that is sturdy enough to stand up to an occasional bump or drop, and consider using different jars for specific strains so that you can keep your weed organized.

Additional Tips for Freshness

Additional Tips for Freshness Cannabis

Once you have found the perfect airtight glass jar, there are a few more ways to ensure the quality of your weed. First, store your jar in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or drawer. Second, avoid choosing a storage cabinet over a heat source. Heat rises and the warmth from ovens and microwaves could eventually dry out your weed.

Finally, avoid handling your weed more often than is necessary. Although it may be tempting to show off your stash or indulge in a whiff, be sure to only open your jar when you are ready for some full-on marijuana relief.

Whether you need to keep your weed fresh for a day or two or several months, it is important to limit exposure to air, light, heat and moisture. Not only will a glass jar keep your weed safe from these factors but it will also help to hold your weed in place so that those crystalized buds do not get shook up and lose their resinous trichomes.

So the next time you bring your baggie home, be sure to transfer your stash to safer storage jars so that you can indulge in a potent hit of your favorite bud every time.

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