Cannabis Strains For The Afternoon
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The 5 Best Cannabis Strains For The Afternoon

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This blog is dedicated to those that like to get high during the day. Maybe you like to blaze up in the afternoon and enjoy a pleasant head buzz. Perhaps you also enjoy creative pursuits and an active lifestyle. You need some marijuana that won't glue you to the couch. Enjoy this top-shelf head stash.


Mid-day toking is a great way to add a little pep to your step, or add a chilled tone to things. For those that like to touch the sky, it’s got to be uplifting sativa dominant marijuana.

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Enjoying a nice smoke after midday can be a daily therapeutic ritual for medicinal cannabis users. Or just as likely a simple afternoon delight for the recreational stoner. Either way, if you want to fly during the day and enjoy a soaring cerebral high we’ve got just the strains you need. With these amazing cannabis strains in the grow-op, you can crop a fat stash of your own connoisseur-grade afternoon weed.



Become a cannabis chocolatier with the Choco Candy by Zambeza Seeds. During the 1980’s, old school Chocolate Thai enjoyed a cult following. By combining vintage OG Chocolate Thai with Chocolate Haze genetics, Zambeza have enhanced the original and created a brand new legend.

A genuine afternoon delight to smoke, especially for chocoholics. This weed has a decadently sweet coffee and chocolate flavour and a potent fast hitting high. Haze lineage expresses in the pleasant euphoric effects, and the flowering period is just 65 days for this dank dessert best enjoyed during the daytime. 18% THC makes the high powerful. However, it is a relatively short-lived high. But a big part of what makes the Chocolope such a fantastic cannabis strain for the afternoon.


Lemon Skunk

Classic Skunk has a distinctly sativa leaning high. The majority of Skunk hybrids on the market these days have changed with the times and become more indica dominant. The Lemon Skunk by Greenhouse Seeds is quite possibly the tastiest true sativa-dominant Skunk hybrid. By successfully hybridising Skunk and Citral the Skunk family was guaranteed at least one sativa sister that growers would always come back for more of.

This strain grows like a vine and is highly recommended for the ScrOG method and/or LST. These girls will require taming early on. But the pruning and training are worth it for the unique citrus aroma alone. Lemon Skunk buds are really tight for such sativa weed.

These citric sugar nuggs are just as potent as they look, with THC levels of 19% to be expected. Moreover, with low to medium doses of fertiliser and 8-10 weeks of 12/12, an indoor cannabis garden of frosty lemon ganja trees can be achieved. Outdoors, this strain can be a real monster and easily exceed 2m by Autumn.

Effects are a wonderful blend of calm body sensations and a happy giggly head buzz. Lemon Skunk is just what you need to chillax when you get home in the afternoon from a stressful day. Really, any day to be honest. We can’t get enough of the Lemon Skunk and neither can cannabis breeders and growers.

Lemon Skunk is prized stash and breeding stock. Furthermore, Lemon Skunk has been used to create many famous contemporary hybrids such as Super Lemon Haze and Amnesia Lemon. Plus she is internationally popular with home growers in the US and all across Europe.


Shining Silver Haze

When the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds developed the Shining Silver Haze they created what many growers regard as the definitive Haze variety. This strain has an extraordinary lineage comprised of select cultivars of original Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk. Shimmering silver long colas of dank Haze will grow vigorously and flower in just 9-10 weeks.

The stats for the Shining Silver Haze really are hard to match. Not only is this beast extraordinarily fast blooming for a Haze, but it is also far more grower friendly than other long flowering nuanced Haze strains. Training and/or pruning is still recommended to maintain an even canopy.

Shining Silver Haze can tolerate high doses of fertiliser and performs well in a variety of substrates. Yields can be huge, both indoors and outdoors in sunny conditions, from relatively few plants. Typically plants are space hungry both vertically and laterally and will need direct sunlight or 600w HPS/ LED equivalent to reach full potential.

20% THC sticky buds with a complex mix of smells and flavours are the reward come harvest. The high from Shining Silver Haze really has no contemporaries and is like blasting off on a two stage rocket. For inexperienced users, the trippy surge to the stratosphere can be too intense. Probably the quickest way to get blissfully high right away in the afternoon.

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Jack The Ripper

If you want an energetic, creative high that’s long lasting and guaranteed to positively boost your mood, grow Jack The Ripper by TGA Subcool. The genetics of this amazing 8-week flowering Haze hybrid are Jacks Cleaner crossed with Space Queen. Jack The Ripper is the next generation of sativa-dominant hybrids.

It is both an extremely vigorous plant, producing huge yields. All with little maintenance. Plants are short to medium sized and rapidly develop pretty tight super resinous nuggets. Two phenotypes often present.

These can be differentiated by their odours. One is more pine-lemon and citrus fresh scented. The other is more a blend of earthy-pine notes with a richer musk. A quick whiff and you’ll know either way - this weed is pungent! Expect 20%+ THC levels, so get ready for lift off when you hit this fine head stash. Jack The Ripper is everything you want from a dank Haze without the wait.


Sour Kush

If the fruity and sweet cannabis strains are not quite to your taste and you prefer your ganja on the sour side, we’ve got just the cannabis seeds for you. Sour Kush by Reserva Privada is a gourmet Kush hybrid of the US legends OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Perhaps no other Kush has such a sativa kick.

Internodal spacing is quite tight, and plants are not stretchy like Sour Diesel. Definitely more of a compact Kush in appearance. But still packing a serious sativa punch in those dense, gooey nuggets. Sour Kush is fond of fertiliser and growers can incrementally reach high doses without stressing plants. Well timed bloom boosters and a SOG set up are recommended for max yield.

The pronounced sour flavour and the instant feel good cerebral high are the first things that will strike you about this awesome Kush. There also precisely the unique features that will keep you blazing Sour Kush all afternoon.


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